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So, does anyone know what this week's theme is?  *hopeful look*

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No?  I'd love to know!  Spent all afternoon checking!  Time to get a life.


(me too!)
Haha, I start doing the regular checking from about midday on Friday!  It's so sad - I find myself staying up a little bit later on Friday night, just in case it gets announced as soon as I turn the computer off.  :-/
Awww, that's how to get it done each week!
me too... to get the weekend sewing juices working hard

So sorry! I totally spaced about announcing it -- it's "nautical."


To make amends, I'll give you the next three themes:



Sew Weekly Inspiration (make something inspired by one of the outfits me, Adey, Veronica, Sarah or Debi have made this year).

thanks Mena, such fun, lots to think about....


Kat, Jen and Trish, me too! Glad i'm not the only one, hope that makes it less sad ;0)





thankyou Mena.. I love getting 3 at one time.yea...
I agree, getting a few weeks at a time really suits me!!
Oh, brilliant!  Thanks, Mena!  Great to have three at a time - more time to figure out what I'm doing for each one!  :-)  *jumps with joy and excitement at what to make next*        <-- Sew Weekly geek
Another Sew Weekly geek here - totally hooked now and brain is spinning with thinking what to do ... 
My mind is a smokin' too!


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