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Do you have suggestions for upcoming Sew Weekly themes? Let us know here.

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I'd love to see vintage-style aprons.

I was just about to suggest aprons! Was this ever done? If not I would be super keen!

"Girl's Just Want to Have Fun". This theme could include so much - Movies that are all about heroic females or creating an outfit that is worn for fun activities (polo, tennis, square dancing)

Road Trip - things you might wear on an adventure

Everyone loves a parade

Something involving separate pieces to get more then one outfit from the set.....more bang for your buck

Love all your suggestions!!

"Not my era...."

I tend to prefer late 50s to mid 60s, so maybe a challenge to find a look outside your normal "go-to" for vintage style inspiration.

This is a great idea!  I tend to do 1930's and 40's but did a 1950's skirt last week and definitely would love to try out a 50's or 60's dress!
Not My Era is a great one! I'd be hopeless with 30s, and have only sewn one 40s dress before.

Great idea!  I lean toward the 20s, 30s and 40s so stepping outside my "vintage" box would be fun.

What about a glamour theme?  That could be fun??
Something using childrens print fabrics could be fun.  :-)  (Although I do have an ulterior motive for this one - I just got some gorgeous green cotton with creepy-but-cute kids toys printed all over it, and I'm looking for an excuse to turn it into something!)
Dresses fit for the Oscars


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