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Do you have suggestions for upcoming Sew Weekly themes? Let us know here.

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Heheee what is that saying about great minds! :-D
An embellishments theme would be neat. I rarely embellish my sewn garments since it's already so much work just to make the one piece.  So it would be fun to be challenged to take it to the next level.
How about a 'make something for your mother' (or sister/cousin/best friend) week?  We could share the Sew Weekly love with the other lovely women in our lives!  :-)
How very nice.. Great idea.. [even a sweet grandaughter.]
I've been thinking about making a dress for my mum and posting that, so I'd like to go with that too!  She used to make all her own things in her younger days and was very stylish.   I'd love to make some things for her.

how about - a three piece outfit over three weeks. Submit one piece each week and on the third week a photo of the whole look together. Would break me out of my dress rut.. and make me think carefully about making separates that acually work together.

Wouldn't have to be the obvious top with skirt/pant and jacket. Could be a dress with bolero and clutch bag for example... or a hat even!

That is a nice idea - it wo0uld be fun to see what combinations everyone came up with.  Plus, I could do with some separates.
Same here!  I actually have a suit that I began some time (years!) ago and this would be the perfect opportunity to finish it.
I like that idea too!!!  A mini wardrobe!!
Love that idea.. So many items you could make...
Oh, I love that idea!  Great thinking, Casey!
Love the idea!  Would make me break out of the dress rut a bit, too.  ;-)


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