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I am not sure anyone has mentioned this already, but what about lingerie theme? A nice slip, or half slip, or camisole, or panties?

Just a thought, but here in the UK we have a Royal Wedding on 29th April. This has got me thinking about national outfits (see Margueritedesign's patriotic bloomers in the Colette Patterns week!)... so my suggestion is:

inspiration from our own nationality, or, if preferred, a specific nationality (eg. French, Mexican, etc etc)....



oooh that's a good idea charlotte!
This is a great idea but I have no idea what I would do with this. Australia doesn't really have a national costume (have you ever seen the Australian entrants on those Miss Universe contests? The national costume is always a mish-mash of green and gold and some daft iconic image) Still, it could be fun trying to be a little more creative.
ha ha... yeah.. we are lacking in national dress options! I was thinking along the lines of a blue singlet and stubbies!
I think it would be great to build a theme around the Royal Wedding!!  Maybe even an outfit inspired by royalty (i.e. Kate's dresses, Princess Di...Grace Kelly, Wallis Simpson, Queen Rania....)

I like the Royal Wedding one too.

Maybe an outfit for a wedding? :)  Or wedding hats LOL

When Charles and Diana married, everyone here in the States kept asking me what was 'with the hats'?  My response was "what do you mean?  You wear hats to weddings..."

So many cool ideas in this thread!!

I was thinking an Alexander Mcqueen week - he was such a genius and his garments were/are completely out of this world.


I really like the national dress idea but us Aussies would surely need a free pass to do whichever country we like because we don't really have a strong cultural identity beyond being multicultural ;-)


Also - what about Couture week - where we could try out a new couture technique.


Or Embellishment week - where the focus is on adding that little extra pizazz ;-)

heh, I just added my challenge idea of embellishment, and I just now read that you have the same idea. 


I like your couture week idea, too.

Heheee what is that saying about great minds! :-D
An embellishments theme would be neat. I rarely embellish my sewn garments since it's already so much work just to make the one piece.  So it would be fun to be challenged to take it to the next level.
How about a 'make something for your mother' (or sister/cousin/best friend) week?  We could share the Sew Weekly love with the other lovely women in our lives!  :-)


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