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I love the idea of refashioning.  I was actually just about to comment that I'd like a theme on upcycling or recycling - taking an item from the closet that was once dearly loved but hasn't seen the light of day in a while and turning it into something that would get worn again.

I second the refashioning idea!


A night on the town i.e. something dress up
A night at the Oscars

Not sure if this has been suggested but.... I see most people put "use the pattern again? yes, but I would shorten the length / add sleeves etc etc" so I suggest remake week, make a pereviously tried pattern again and do the changes you said you would



I like that idea - sometimes I make something and I'm not at all happy about it, telling myself next time ...

What about a scrap dress/skirt/ or blouse.. Using left over scraps of fabrics that you dont have enough

for a garment,but adding them together  to create a wearable garment. Our grandparents [and in my case, my

mom] made lovely dresses in this manner????????? What do you think????? is it possiable?

Oh, I really like that idea!!
How about an outfit inspired by an old family photograph -- such as of a mother or grandmother?  Also, something inspired by a recently read book would be fun!
Or what about trying to make something nice from a 1980s pattern?
Wow, that could be quite a challenge!  Awesome idea!
Casey Sew has just proved that this is possible ...


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