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Oh I like the idea of making something for the man in your life!
An outfit inspired by your favorite book as a kid.
great idea!
Ohhh...that is a great we can go and revisit the books.  I don't much remember what the outfits were like in 'Cloudy with a chance of meatballs' but I bet they were fantastic! :-)
I love this idea!
Oooh,  this is a good one! Betsey-Tacey! Coot Club!

How about a refashioning week. Spruce up or re-use a RTW piece or something that has been in your closet for a while.

And I second the corduroy challenge.

That's a great idea! I would love to refashion some of the amazing tartan skirts I see in charity shops here!
I 'third' the corduroy challenge.  I have lots in my stash, but could use some inspiration.
I love the idea of refashioning.  I was actually just about to comment that I'd like a theme on upcycling or recycling - taking an item from the closet that was once dearly loved but hasn't seen the light of day in a while and turning it into something that would get worn again.

I second the refashioning idea!


A night on the town i.e. something dress up


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