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Corduroy, Edith Head, and aprons are all good suggestions.   Pedal Pusher would be great too.
I was thinking about Pedal Pushers just the other day because I've been riding my bike so much, and wearing dresses means you have to wear shorts under them! My skirts get blown up around my neck when I'm riding fast!
I would love something involving plaid or lounge wear, which could be vintage or not...
Count me in for the plaid (I've got tons in my stash and it's super versatile here in Scotland!!!)
Plaid would be awesome!
Both would be great!
How about something inspired by your grandmother?  Or by something you wore when you were a child?  Or by your heritage?
I like the idea of something inspired by your grandmother. My grandma had excellent, classic taste.  :)
Mmmm that doesn't work for everyone hahaha
excellent idea!
I love the theme 'something inspired by your grandmother' Grandma is super stylish and had AMAZING hairstyles in the 40's (not to mention clothes!)
My Granny had wonderful taste! She worked at Lord & Taylor and always had the best quality items.  I have her Dior Couture suit.


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