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Do you have suggestions for upcoming Sew Weekly themes? Let us know here.

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how about a Scarlet O'Hara "curtains to an evening dress: challenge? (or Sound of Music  :curtains to play clothes" for that matter)
Love this idea! @VeronicaDarling has made some beautiful pieces from curtains/table cloths/ linen etc... so inspiring. Count me in! x
I'd love to see an Edith Head theme.  Her designs are definitely swoon worthy! :)
That's a brilliant idea! Plus there are TONS of her fashion sketches available via images on google....lots of inspiration!!
Viviene Westwood inspired outfits would be rather fabulous!  She's made a huge impact on fashion over the past few decades.
Great idea - I live in the middle of nowhere but am v excited because a Vivienne Westwood exhibition has just started in the town where I work , it's about shoes, I have promised myself a look in after work one day next week....
Yeah, I adore Viviene Westwood! Let's do something in her ilk!
Corduroy! Love the stuff but haven't got a clue how to sew with it and what it would work with!
Ohhh....I have some corduroy waiting in my stash!
Bows and ruffles, I love these two added any garment and would be a very broad field to let fly the imagination of everyone.
oohh...I second the vintage styled aprons theme :-)
I 'third' the vintage styled apron theme!


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