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I have been looking through my little stash, and most of it is from old duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases, I just can nor resist them at a flea market! Well how about we make something out of a pillow case?, althoug not a large amount of fabric it could be used to make pockets or bias binding? and for those petite ladies may manage even a skirt?
Love the pillow case idea!
Sorry if this has been suggested before, but how about a wedding dress makeover, à la Project Runway?  I was at the charity shop this morning and they had loads of dresses from '60s-'90s for <$10.
Has anybody mentioned the idea of outfits inspired by superheros? Not costumes really, but an everyday dress or outfit that is inspire by a superhero - color theme, print, shape...

I was thinking about a theme like that last week! I was going through my patterns and found my vintage kids' superhero pattern and the lightbulb went on.

Would that include supervillains as well? muhahaha!

I like it!


Shannon G.B. posted about making the Burda Alison in another forum...and I was wondering if we were going to do a swimwear challenge?
I love the idea of the thing that made you want to learn to sew!

This could be tricky to pull off if your favourite period film is set in any of the other centuries ie 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th etc - 'Gone with the Wind' goes to the supermarket! or 'Elizabeth (I)'  at the kiddies play park! :))

This theme could work very well if some thought and creativity was put into it, giving it a modern interpretation, rather than a straightforward copy - such as Mena's French costume, which had a short skirt. That was fabulous.

I'm really into summer clothing right now as it's hotter than heck here in upstate NY and Philadelphia (two places I spend most my time these days). What about something "A day at the Seashore/Lake" or "Summer Picnic" or something with a common fabric (i.e. gingham is what springs to mind) or a color theme.




I just love Sew Weekly and I think it's just what we need to stay motivated for our projects.  I haven't been on here long, but what about a particular vintage era, (such as just 1940s), a specific color (like pink), or something modeled after a First Lady's dress?  It would be fun to have contests for the most authentically dressed vintage photograph, too.


Happy sewing!




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