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Do you have suggestions for upcoming Sew Weekly themes? Let us know here.

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PJ's would work perfectly with all the lovely lace I've been sent as well as some peachy floral seersucker that I thrifted last weekend.
oooooooooooh peachy seersucker..sounds wonderful..

Movies--it could either be by genre, or director (think Hitchcock), or actor/tress, or a specific movie, a specific era in movies etc.

Literature--character's that inspire you!

Nature inspire--maybe have a picture of something from nature that inspires you. For this, it could be anything--think faux fur, petal dresses, etc.



I was just thinking about a pattern that I picked up from an Op Shop only to find it didn't have any instructions. Pattern pieces are there, but no instruction.

How about a challenge of: - Do you have a pattern with no instructions and can you make the item up using the knowledge and skills you have gained

Jen, I can just see what I would come up with ..with no instructions..This would probably be a really funny challenge..[especailly when I got though.]haha

CD/LP covers




How about re-visiting something we've made earlier?  There's something I want to go at with the scissors and need an excuse ... 

Oooh, yes!  Like a "make do and mend" challenge.  I know I have a whole pile of projects that are waiting for my attention.


I've been thinking that our wonderful Mena may at some point want to take the week off... I mean she certainly would deserve it don't you think. So Mena.... if you ever want a break.. why not have us make something inspired by one of your creations!


  what a fantastic idea.. I just know that Mena will need a break[dont know ,how she has done this all year and she did every week last!!!] .. and she deserves it... and alot more.. And what a fantastic honor for be able to  make something inspired by Mena's garments..

  Mena...we love you and we would miss you for a week...but we just don't want to give you out..we hope you keep sew weekly going a long,long ...time.Because you are an inspiration to us all.

Hey Judy and Casey,


I think this is an excellent idea too. Mena has been going in super mode for so long, we could certainly do something to ease some of the rush.


I'm certainly open to take on an inspired challenge!


Great idea!

just found this thread, and I agree. it sounds really good fun.


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