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Do you have suggestions for upcoming Sew Weekly themes? Let us know here.

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This could be tricky to pull off if your favourite period film is set in any of the other centuries ie 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th etc - 'Gone with the Wind' goes to the supermarket! or 'Elizabeth (I)'  at the kiddies play park! :))

This theme could work very well if some thought and creativity was put into it, giving it a modern interpretation, rather than a straightforward copy - such as Mena's French costume, which had a short skirt. That was fabulous.

I'm really into summer clothing right now as it's hotter than heck here in upstate NY and Philadelphia (two places I spend most my time these days). What about something "A day at the Seashore/Lake" or "Summer Picnic" or something with a common fabric (i.e. gingham is what springs to mind) or a color theme.




I just love Sew Weekly and I think it's just what we need to stay motivated for our projects.  I haven't been on here long, but what about a particular vintage era, (such as just 1940s), a specific color (like pink), or something modeled after a First Lady's dress?  It would be fun to have contests for the most authentically dressed vintage photograph, too.


Happy sewing!



I would love a stretch project, not as in the fabric but taking on a pattern that would really push me. I would even say to push the challenge out to a two week period to share thoughts and plans and seek advises if needed.

Me too... totally scared to use strech fabric


Since we have been in a movie vein - Audrey Hepburn

I have no idea how everyone thinks of so many theme ideas, I would run out after a month!


I like the nightwear idea, pyjamas are pretty much the only thing I have managed to sew so far, but they fit really well and are super comfy.


A Dior theme would be nice, maybe charting some of their influences on post-war fashion?  I am hoping to try make some lingerie too, but I'm not sure about posting pictures! hehe


A non-clothing theme could be interesting, maybe home furnishings or accessories like handbags.  I would love to see a 'Stepford Wives' theme, although having to do all of the household chores would be optional!


Cutting into my Pakistan fabric gave me the idea of a theme based on a garment from another culture?
Make this look week
Applique or quilting details
I second a Make this Look week!


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