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Do you have suggestions for upcoming Sew Weekly themes? Let us know here.

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I keep thinking, week after week, how on earth does this woman accomplish so much!?


This is  a wonderful idea.  Count me in, if you need any posts.  :)  I know I've been inspired by Mena's projects. 

Very true ... I'm full of admiration for how Mena does it. I think it's a great idea too.
Mind you, I'm also aware that this is Mena's 'baby', so although I think she deserves rest now and then, it's also a good idea to be mindful of this. 

 I  agree totally.. Just if  she ever needs it.. We are here for her... Thanks Diane. You are always so sweet and understanding..

hahaha.... now Mena's started the 7 for 7 challenge....I can't believe I ever thought she might like a week off sometime! Mena... you are amazing & as always inspiring.. just keep doing whatever makes you happy!
Totally agree..she is sooooooo amazing.. we so admire her !!!!
I have been looking through my little stash, and most of it is from old duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases, I just can nor resist them at a flea market! Well how about we make something out of a pillow case?, althoug not a large amount of fabric it could be used to make pockets or bias binding? and for those petite ladies may manage even a skirt?
Love the pillow case idea!
Sorry if this has been suggested before, but how about a wedding dress makeover, à la Project Runway?  I was at the charity shop this morning and they had loads of dresses from '60s-'90s for <$10.
Has anybody mentioned the idea of outfits inspired by superheros? Not costumes really, but an everyday dress or outfit that is inspire by a superhero - color theme, print, shape...

I like it!


I love the idea of the thing that made you want to learn to sew!


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