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Do you have suggestions for upcoming Sew Weekly themes? Let us know here.

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Can I add my "yes" to the apron idea - I might have a chance of actually finishing that one more or less when everybody else does!
I'm keen to do aprons too.  Have a pattern for some lovely frilly ones.  I'd also like to do something for work, as I seem to spend a lot of time there!
Funny Charolette..  I like the apron idea too.. Hope your having a good day.judy
Me too!

I thought of three more ideas:


"I spent less than 5 dollars on everything I needed for this" week

"Outfits inspired by someone else's  contribution to sewweekly" (I have more than one idea for this already!)

"The same pattern" week - everyone makes the same pattern their way (would maybe have to be a pattern available on burdastyle to download so everyone could join in)


Any good?


i like 'The same pattern'!
I like all these themes as well!  I like the idea of something inspired by someone else's contribution and the 'same pattern' week--that would be really interesting (there would have to be lots of advance notice for that one...or maybe a downloadable pattern or something OR one of the repro patterns).
I love all those ideas - particularly the "same pattern" week - it is so much fun seeing how different things turn out.
I like these ideas, too.  I really like making something inspired by someone else here :)
 I agree Sarah..Wouldnt that be fun..  Judy
Great Idea... love looking at others ideas... this would be fun.
at the risk of continuing on a movie theme here, how about a 'My Man Godfrey' challenge. A fine white shirt for the man in your life (be it partner, parent or friend.


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