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Do you have suggestions for upcoming Sew Weekly themes? Let us know here.

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I've just made a new top that looks too much like a pajama top to wear in public, so all I need to do is add some pj pants - this theme would work well for me.

yes I like this idea of pjs too
Yes, Pjs would be great... 
Or make it nightwear rather than pjs... I prefer nighties :)
Yes, nightwear! What a fun word :)
I like this as a theme too...could be 'lounging wear' as well! :-)  Whatever it's called--I definitely need some new ones!
PJ's would work perfectly with all the lovely lace I've been sent as well as some peachy floral seersucker that I thrifted last weekend.
oooooooooooh peachy seersucker..sounds wonderful..

Movies--it could either be by genre, or director (think Hitchcock), or actor/tress, or a specific movie, a specific era in movies etc.

Literature--character's that inspire you!

Nature inspire--maybe have a picture of something from nature that inspires you. For this, it could be anything--think faux fur, petal dresses, etc.



I was just thinking about a pattern that I picked up from an Op Shop only to find it didn't have any instructions. Pattern pieces are there, but no instruction.

How about a challenge of: - Do you have a pattern with no instructions and can you make the item up using the knowledge and skills you have gained

Jen, I can just see what I would come up with ..with no instructions..This would probably be a really funny challenge..[especailly when I got though.]haha

CD/LP covers





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