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Do you have suggestions for upcoming Sew Weekly themes? Let us know here.

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How about making something with a prominent zipper maybe even with a zipper pull?

Or how about a making something in Pantone's new fashion and home color of the year for 2011 - Honeysuckle.



I am a part of the travelling lace lot who has just recieved a wonderfull package. My main concern now is that we are supposed to use it by the week of May 6th ? I think, idea being that we try to all be in the same week of photos ect. I was then thinking that maybe we could have a weekly challenge that is embelishments, this way everyone else can also join in, also the list is endless as to what you may add to your garments so lots of space for everyone?
I agree !
just checked Kat is thinking creations by the 8th of May on line.
Thanks for letting us know..Appreciate it.. Cant wait to embelish..what fun  we will have.
cute idea.. like it.

I've just made a new top that looks too much like a pajama top to wear in public, so all I need to do is add some pj pants - this theme would work well for me.

yes I like this idea of pjs too
Yes, Pjs would be great... 
Or make it nightwear rather than pjs... I prefer nighties :)
I like this as a theme too...could be 'lounging wear' as well! :-)  Whatever it's called--I definitely need some new ones!


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