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Do you have suggestions for upcoming Sew Weekly themes? Let us know here.

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OK, brace yourself - I started thinking about this and probably got a little overexcited.  I'm sure some of these have been done or suggested before.  Themes I would love to see:

- "Your Hometown" - a garment that reflects your identity and where you are from

- "Interior finishes" - a chance for people to show off the insides of the garment, and tackle new interior finishes like French seams and flat-felled seams and Hong Kong finishes, or even just their overlocker.  

- "Pockets" - do a type of pocket you have never done before, or really cool decorative pockets, or an outfit where the pockets make the outfit.

- "A Pretty Girl (or Guy) is like a Melody" - a garment inspired by a song

- "Favourite Things" - a garment inspired by your favourite things, whether it is white dresses with blue satin sashes or Star Wars

- "Bugs and Bees" - insects are really amazing - it would be great to see fashions inspired by creepy crawlies

- "Under it All" - make undergarments, whether it's really going out on a limb and doing corsets and bras, or keeping it simple with a basic petticoat.

- "Lace" - garments incorporating lace.  

And please say that we will be having a Hobbit/LotR/Tolkien theme for when The Hobbit comes out!

OK.  I'm done now!

These are some excellent suggestions Leimomi.

It seems like Downton Abbey has been making it's rounds (hmm... I might just be late to the party), but how about a theme based on that show - or that era? The 1910s, Titanic, Gibson girls, etc?

Can I deluge you with a whole 'nother set of themes?

How about themes inspired by great artistic movements?  Like 'Baroque' ( ornamentation, massy detailing, dark, saturated colours, symmetry), 'Rococo' (serpentines lines, frivolity and pastels), 'Neoclassical' (stripes, columnar shapes and Grecian inspired designs),  'Arts & Crafts' (earthy colours, Medieval inspiration, and a very handmade aesthetic), 'Art Nouveau' (whiplashes, Japonisme and lots of flowers) and 'Art Deco' (Geometry and curves in vivid pastels) are just a few ideas.

Yes, yes, yes!  But I am a little scared

Dig down deep and use ugly fabric. Bottom of the barrel stash, rummage sale finds, etc.  I've just been gifted some amazingly ugly fabric I'd not wish to be buried in, and think a dress would be spectacular.  Sort of.

And then we're going to congratulate each other on how ugly our dresses are. ;) Honestly, I don't think I would want to sew with a fabric that I consider truly ugly - particularly if I am supposed to be the one wearing that dress. I have sewn with fabrics that I fairly disliked just because I was making something for friends of mine. It was already hard to enough to motivate myself to sew with such fabric but that wasn't even fabric I considered "ugly" - it simply wasn't my taste. I don't think I would bring it over myself to spend money and time on ugly fabric.

My suggestions are 'inspired by nature', inspiration from the landscape where you live and something inspired by a favourite book.

A book title, or inspired by a childhood fav book.  What would you do with 'a clockwork orange' or 'Dig of the Dump', for instance.


Woops.  Should be 'Stig', not 'Dig'!

I was just joking to Amy / ahearta over on the MMM12 flickr page about nerdy science art, and wondered if all the Sew Weekly members would go for a lab theme.  Then I realized that "workplace" might be a good one.  We all need those business staples that we can wear to the office (if you work in one).  If you work at a less conventional job, there would be some good variety to the posts!  And those members who work at home could make something kid-friendly.

How about an "Olympic" theme? Project could be sporty - either for participation, theme related, or being a spectator.


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