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Do you have suggestions for upcoming Sew Weekly themes? Let us know here.

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I would love to have a theme for coats...I have been wanting to make the Sewaholic Minoru Jacket or the Jamie Christina Abbey Coat

Ohhh coats would be good!

I just discovered this website and I want to make the Minoru too.  That type of jacket is on trend right now, the Anorak type jacket.

Coats would be awesome!  Maybe a two-week theme?

I agree! 2 weeks for a coat!

What about "wool or silk"  that way we can cover the winter/summer difference? 

And I still like the idea of the coat being separated into two weeks, personally.

Bags or totes? UM... Arsenic and Old Lace, wait, that's a movie. 

I've never made a coat, but would love to learn something new!

Your dream outfit for your dream holiday?

How about an "unworkable to workable" theme? Take a thrifted garment that you would otherwise shudder and skip, and turn it into something amazing? Enormous, gathered, floor length skirts are good for this!

I know its been said before but im going to add it again.

The Same Pattern.

With so many of us around the world, with different lifestyles, i think it would be very interesting to see how we all make the same pattern our own!

I like it!

1. Sense and Sensibility's Regency Era patterns (Regency Gown, The Elegant Lady's Closet, Underthings and Spencer/Pelisse)

2. Built by Wendy patterns or books


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