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This week's theme at the Sew Weekly is Something Floral, Something Blue. Let's see what you make!

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Oh WOW! I really love, love, love this fabric! You made it work fantastically!!!
I love the shape of this one!

My blue floral dress, I thought it best not to seem "matronly" was to use a model inspired by the mid-late 60s.

Sorry for the picture so dark, but today it was impossible to get some sunlight.

Very cute!  I love how you've got the whole blue-and-white matching accessories with it, too.  :-)
I'm still in love with those shoes :-)  This dress is really lovely!
I love the white details on the collar and sleeves! Super cute!
Here's my attempt - 1980's revisited!
My something floral, something blue dress!  I used a hybrid pattern consisting of pieces from a current New Look pattern and a Butterick from 1947.  The seersucker fabric and all the notions are  vintage from eBay.

Wow - a lovely dress!

Gorgeous!  I especially love the sweetheart neckline and bodice on you.  :-)


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