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This week's theme at the Sew Weekly is Something Floral, Something Blue. Let's see what you make!

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The printing of the fabric is great, very cottage, beautiful work.
WOW! I love this blue floral material so much! It's so bold! It's just a perfect style of dress for it too!
WOW! this reminds me of several 50's dresses I have seen recently!  LOVELY!

My "something floral, something blue"


Very nice, something sweet and light, as sweet as you.

My Something Floral, Something Blue Dress :)  I wrote about it here


Very pretty!  Love how you've got the darker blue around the hem.
Very sweet! Lovely border print too:)
So Cute! Loving the border print!
It's great that you got the effect to the disposition of the material, very funny!
This is SOOO beautiful!  Very 1950's and very fabulous!

Since part of the point of the 'something floral, something blue' challenge was to try to use a matronly material and make it work, I choose one of my more 'matronly' feeling patterns to try using for the first time as well!  Here's what I did this week.  (You can read more about it here if you like.)



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