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Even though we're not sewing with a strictly defined theme this week, the stash busting theme does lend itself to some fun community participation opportunities: a stash busting game! We'll be tracking our progress this week at The Sewing Circle, so be sure to check out this thread.

So how does this all work? As a motivation to dive into that stash and get sewing, we're going to award points to our creations sewn THIS WEEK based on these guidelines:

  • 5 points per yard of fabric used
  • 10 points for fabric being vintage, thrifted or upcycled
  • 3 points for every pattern used that you've never sewn before
  • 10 points for using a pattern/fabric you've had for more than a year
  • 20 points for integrating a SCRAP (not a piece of fabric you cut) less than 1/2 yard into your garment

Don't forget to include photos!

At the end of the week, we'll total our points up and see who really tore through their sewing room. And of course, the Top Stash Buster gets a prize. It's all honor system, but I know you all are a trust-worthy crowd. 

Ok, let's get sewing!

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Me too
Beautiful! Worth the wait to the weekend to see the wonderful work done.
Oh darn, I had my stash-busting week a few weeks back! I made three skirts and a top from stuff I've had sitting around forever (one of the skirts I made from the first fabric I ever bought). However, this challenge has inspired me to give it another go! I'm a bit goal oriented and love a personal challenge so I've been really excited and sewing after work... a lot. Luckily my husband cooks my dinner or I wouldn't have eaten this week! So far I've made a skirt from a 50s op shop curtain (I love skirts - 2hr projects!), I've almost finished a simple button-front dress from an op shop bed sheet and I'm currently selecting fabric and a pattern for a dress I aim to make over the weekend. The fabric theme seems to be vintage floral - I have stacks of the stuff that I just don't seem to use (but can't possibly leave at the op shop because it is vintage, one-off and I must have it). I promise photos will follow soon - I have super-human, super powered clumsiness which prevents long-term functional camera ownership.  I can turn new, functioning cameras into dropped, broken cameras within months! I will borrow my sister's camera in the next couple of days and put up some photos soon! 

your sister will let you borrow her camera??? wow


No seriously, I look forward to seeing your efforts. They certainly out-double, out-triple and out-quadruple mine. I like skirts too but even the simplest one takes me more than two hours. Cheers.

:D I think it will be safe as I'll be in the photo, not holding the camera taking the photo! Otherwise I'll have it strapped to my wrist like a child with a helium balloon at a carnival!

Hello ladies!  I cut this dress out of Simplicity 4224 (which I never used before) in...2007.  Yes, this dress was prepped for sewing 4 years ago.  I finally sat down and put it together!  It took me 4 hours after I realized I cut all the pieces out in different sizes - yay beginning sewing!


So: I used 3 yds of fabric = 15 pts

Never used pattern before = 3 pts

Used a pattern/fabric I've had for way more than a year = 10 pts


Total = 28 pts (wooo!)  read the whole story here, as well as some other random things made for the challenge:

Very cute!!


Hah, yeah, I've got a few things that I cut out many many years ago and still haven't finished.  One of these days I'll get around to dusting them off and making them up!  (Except that, of course, I don't like any of them any more.  Hmmmm.)

Meg, I love,love your dress.The color and style look so good on you..

Doesn't it feel wonderful to get it done after "4 years"? lol


I love the colour too - very pretty and well worth the wait!
So sweet! You did a great job!
A lovely dress, it looks great and is a rewarding project to finish it after four years of waiting. Good job!
stash busting, the quick way, an obi belt. Lovely sari material been around in my stash for 5 years, can't even remember the blue backing. Pattern from a magazine. All in all point wise its high even though the product is small.
10p for recycled fabric, 3p for new pattern, 10p for old fabric, 23p. could count blue cotton as scrap ? that would make 43p


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