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I've been thinking for a while about the Great Gatsby Summer Afternoon that Mena attends in September every year, and have created a bit of a plan for us Melbournians! It's a 1920s/1930s afternoon picnic celebrating the Great Gatsby and since Baz Lurhmann will be remaking the film here in Australia (in 3D?!) I thought I'd throw us a smaller yet similar affair to coincide with the Sew Weekly theme!


I particularly love Mena's round robin picture graph in selecting outfits last year, so get thinking about your 1920/1930s outfit, for a meet up on Sunday 11th September, and I was thinking of making an afternoon soiree at Madame Brussels in the city!


The plan will be to wear your completed outfit on that Sunday, and it'll be the theme the week after, and considering it's an older vintage of patterns, we may need a bit more prep time! I've only got 1 1930s pattern, and it looks super scary to sew!


What do you reckon about a meet up in 1930s style? Let me know who's in?!



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Hiya all.... eep - isn't it a busy time for us? Admittedly I haven't started my frock yet - am hoping to get it done today!


Kazz has finished hers and I'm dying to see it! Is there anyone else lurking who'll be in Melbourne and can meet up tomorrow? I'm wondering if 3pm or 4pm would suit? 



Yes come along you fabulous seamstress' it will be lovely. I think photos later in the day always look much fancier especially for this 40 year old bird lol. How's about 4pm.

Yes, later in the day is beautiful for all of us! 


Ok, 4pm at Madame Brussels tomorrow, just for an afternoon drink or two... Kazz and I will be there (VERY excited to meet you in the flesh Kazz!) but we'll get photos in case you Melbournians can't make it! (I'm going to convince Husbie to come along too!)


My parents have planned a 'surprise' visit during the caravanning holiday, so will have dinner with them, so let's make it 4pm - 6pm, if you're in the city (1920/1930s dress or no, no stress!) pop upstairs!






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