The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle

Hello all! Ali, Alessa, and I are hosting a fall sew-along and would love you to create along with us! Click here for more details.


Sarah :)

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Count me in, this is just the push I need, I am going to combine this with the Colette Fall Colour Palette Challenge too.


Being part of sewweekly has really made me think about sewing and I am ready to start thinking about how things go together instead of just making random items individually - this sewalong is just at the right time for me. 

oh yes! I have started to plan already.
Sounds like a good idea. Don't think I'll manage all the categories, but I might just give me a push to manage a couple of items.

Sarah..thankyou for the response..  I apprecaite it. I am so excited.

Count me in..

Good luck everyone!  Sounds great, I'd love to take part but can't commit myself to anything else at the moment.  Love the idea though. 


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