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It was quite exciting to visit and see my photograph in the featured section! I didn't have any idea that they were going to spotlight me for Member Project of the Week! Thanks to the folks at BurdaStyle who picked my project!

What better way to celebrate the dress being chosen than with a giveaway! I have two and a half yards of this same vintage fabric from 1972 up for grabs. 

How to win? 

In this thread, share a link to your own blog, site or BurdayStyle profile. Don't have one? Then share a link that you think everyone here will appreciate (just note that it's not your site so we don't get confused!).

On Wednesday at noon (Pacific Time), I'll randomly pick a winner.



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I love that fabric!  My new camera is on its way, so the photos of my projects here will soon improve:

My blog: The Seek Speak

Burdastyle: Seeks Corey

Thanks for the giveaway! I love that fabric with that dress!

Congratulations Mena!  The other day I had one of the daily featured projects, and I was giddy.  I can't even imagine having the Member Project of the Week!


I'm currently writing and sewing over at, and my BurdaStyle profile (which is also linked to from my blog - as well as this sewing community!) is  


As I too live in the Bay Area, I'd really enjoy being able to make something to show off the amazing local flavor of the area.  I'll be crossing my fingers down the peninsula.

Oh my gosh! I adore your dress, and what a super cute job you did showcasing it with those photos. Today was the very first time I ever visited Burdastyle, and the first thing I found was your precious dress, and I'm thinking, "ten yards? She got ten yards of that darling fabric!? Well, that means she has some left over! I wonder if she'll sell me any of it." And lo and behold here you are giving some away. I up and joined Burdastyle just so I could give you my empty (for now) profile.

That dress is to die for!

ok... so I don't have a blog... but I found this site today that is great inspiration for thrifty types! - like me.

I love that fabric!  Here's my blog:
I love that fabric.

What a lovely dress and a great photo.  I'd love to make it and put it up on my blog

I am making my first dress ever right now.  I can't wait until I can make one in 3 1/2 hours.  

Heya My blog

On burdastyle i'mEvelyn Nouveau


I'm like the world's all-time crummiest blogger, but I really covet this pretty fabric xD

I'm not sure this will really count. Maybe it will if I get a move on and actually do what I have been planning for some time, that is make my own blog. Therefore you have guessed it's not up and running, but I do plan to do it. My own blog will be Sew Far Sew Good !


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