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I don't know about you, but I LOVED the Royal Wedding. I thought the whole thing was fabulous - but let's be honest ... our main interest was The Dress.  I thought Catherine looked stunning - I loved everything about her dress, in particular the bodice with that gorgeous neckline and beautiful lace.

What did you think?  You can read all about The Dress here


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Replies to This Discussion well said.. Agree  totally.. Just beautiful..
Pippa looked a whole lot like her sister, didn't she?  Her dress was delightful- and I loved where she held the hands of the two tiny bridesmaids.  Very cute :)  Now if I can only tone this tummy, I want a dress like Pippa's!
She really does, Pippa is lovely and her dress was divine! Yes I loved seeing her with the little girls, it was a very sweet moment. Kate's parents are very attractive too, oh and her brother-handsome! I would love to have Pippa's figure too...probably not going to happen for me...but I can dream!

For everyone's enjoyment and reference! Too fun!


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