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I don't know about you, but I LOVED the Royal Wedding. I thought the whole thing was fabulous - but let's be honest ... our main interest was The Dress.  I thought Catherine looked stunning - I loved everything about her dress, in particular the bodice with that gorgeous neckline and beautiful lace.

What did you think?  You can read all about The Dress here


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I loved it too Debbie - the train was so clever and beautifully constructed. I also liked the embroidery on the front near the hem. She looked amazing and I thought it was nice that she wore a tiara leant to her by the Queen.

She used British design house Alexander McQueen I think - great choice!
Ditto!  I thought it was fabulous.  What was really interesting is how it was both conservative and sexy at the same time.  Hopefully it will be influencing wedding dress designs for some time to come.

It was  beautiful.  Very elegant and understated- suitable for the hard economic times in Britain... BUT at the same time they sourced everything from the UK, used traditional English lace AND a design house from there!  Clever!


The design was very sleek and sexy, without putting everything on display.  I heard commentators say it was almost Tudor (it was similar, except for the bust) and reminiscent of Grace Kelly and Princess Margaret's dresses.  I had to agree, it was very Grace Kelly like- which is good :)

I too would like to see it as a trend- nicely done :)

I loved all of it too.  I was on the settee from 9.00 this morning glued to everything on tv.  Loved the dress too - I thought it reminiscent of Victorian designs.  What did everyone think of the guests?  Particularly the hats?  Some very stylish ones as well as some, shall I say 'interesting' ones from the younger Royals ...  

LOL well, I heard one person say Beatrice's hat looked like a toilet seat with loo paper streamers :)

Another person said it was like medusa ;)  Eugenie was compared to Robin Hood LOL

As for the rest- most of them were very tasteful.  I did like the Queen's hat a lot.  Camilla's and Mrs. Middleton's hats were very nice :)

I noticed that the tv kept avoiding the 'Medusa' hat!  Apart from very brief glimpses, all the shots were from the neck down!
L-O-V-E-D IT!!!!!  OMG.  I totally want to knock off the dress but with a straight skirt.  I really loved the lace overlay and the collar...oh, the collar.  Oh and did you see the sleeves and the buttons?  swoon.
It was lovely.  What a great figure she has, loved how it was so fitted at her waist and loved the pleated skirt, thought the bodice neckline was lovely and the lace was very demure - maybe now we will see an end to the fashion for strapless gowns.  Hope so!  Her veil looked like chiffon - so lovely and soft.  The fabric looked like it was a damask - with a pattern woven into it - guess some photos will eventually appear.  She looked just right, she's a very stylish woman.  Thought E'ugenia's had was terrible, but I liked the forward position of it and Posh's too - next year's Melbourne cup there will be many copycats I bet!

I didn't watch the wedding (don't kill me now) as there are plenty of pictures and catch up tv to watch anything I felt I'd missed, and to be honest I was only bothered about what her dress looked like.  Instead I spent my time stressing about my car (grrrr story to be featured on my blog tomorrow when I feel less like swearing all the time) and shopping in ikea for new sewing room furniture.  It was so quiet in there (pure bliss), worth missing the Wedding for and catching up on it when I got home.  So I got home and looked at pictures, and the dress is amazing, I love the understated sexyness of it as the bodice was quite low but the lace added a cover up to it.  I really didn't get the fasinators/hats that were on display though, I mean what was the deal with Beatrice's headwear?!?  But I did have a laugh at the pic where the bridesmaid Grace had her hands over her ears, so cute!

I know hats are traditional for the weddings (well at least back home they are LOL), but Bea and Eugenie are somewhat odd in their fashion sense.  I think they just like to be different.
It's a lovely tradition (hats) for sure and I guess it takes all kinds! Their choice was certainly very unique! And to their credit they followed the their own way! At least they weren't offensive.
I loved the Royal Wedding and took it all in with glee. I agree Kate is beautiful and her wedding gown was perfect! Tasteful, elegant and magical. I thought the connection to Grace Kelly was spot on. I think Kate and William will bring a positive spotlight to the Royal family. But I have to say Pippa is lovely and I really loved her gown, she was breath taking! No comment on Fergie and Andrew's daughters...wowza...what did I just see??? I thought the queen look so very elegant and wonderful. It really was delicious, how often do we get a glimpse of such refinement, thank you Britian!


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