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I know a number of us have blogs--and those who don't probably have a lot to say anyway!  I thought we could collect, all in one place, any tutorials, sew-alongs, or free patterns we've posted ourselves--for quick reference.  Might save some questions on the forum or at least serve as inspiration!


I'm currently running a series on pattern drafting for pencil skirts:


Anybody else?

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Great blog Jessie - and a fan of Doctor Who as well, that's always good, which is your fave? Got to be Tom Baker for me, I'm a child of the seventies.


We are not ignoring your great suggestion but we had a thread like this one a little time ago so people put links on that, it is good to remind us, I don't have anything to post just now (I'm more a sewing follower than a leader!), but I would love to follow your pattern drafting and give it a go, I love pencil skirts! I will certainly post if I think of something....


That's great!  Could you link me to it?  I thought I looked back far enough but apparently not.  :)


I'm a New Who watcher but my mom and I bond over Tom Baker--he's her favorite too.  I love Sarah Jane and would happily watch more of her episodes!

Did you know that Elizabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane) sadly died recently? Her children's series spin off was very popular here on the BBC.


Actually my fave assistant as a child was Romana II played by Lalla Ward


Another very popular spin off is Torchwood, there is a new series here starting very soon, do you know it?


OK, Geeky Dr Who stuff  aside, I'll have a look and see if I can find the original thread, Mena also put a call out on TSW main page a couple of months ago (I think) and had a huge list of blogs in response....

Yes, I saw that she'd passed away--she was very well loved by Who fans.  It's nice that she got a chance to do some more work on New Who.


And yes, I'm watching the new Torchwood!  I was very curious about where they'd go after Children of Earth, and I'm not disappointed.



I can not find the previous post about displaying this tutorial, so I publish here a few of my own. They show how to get the beauty inside and out of a sleeveless dress withplacing Facing couture techniques. I have divided into four tutorials that are on order ....


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