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I love grandparents! I think grandparents play such an important role shaping who we are! I was very fortunate to have known all four of my grandparents. When thinking about my two grandmothers, they were complete opposites and probably only met each other once, at my parents wedding, but being polite I'm sure they would send Christnas greetings to each other every year.

Marty, my dad's mother preferred to go by her name than grandma, she was a bit highbrow. I never saw her in anything but suits, pearls and heels. We have a picture of Marty and Poppy (grandpa) on a camel in Eygpt dressed up in suits! Seriously!

My other grandparents were very down to earth, struggled through the depression, built their own home for 5 thousand dollars (yep, property and house). My grandmother made all her clothes, knitted, crocheted. To me she was the original renissance woman!

To this day I'm inspired by my past and love who these people were and what gems they passed on to me. Today I feel like I'm having my own renaissance which I believe I'm doing with all of you!

What's your story, who inspired you?

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Aunt Peg! She sounds amazing, and how wonderful that you can share your sewing plans with her. I'm sure she loves that! This is so touching!

Oh Charolette, How wonderful that you have your Aunt Peg , to talk to about the sew weekly.. That is fantastic. Thankyou for sharing the pictures.. Loved Aunt Peg's dress.  and your dad and Gran look so nice.. So enjoyable to put names with faces.. thankyou.

   Cant wait to see picture of you with the gloves and handbags from her also..  I know that at is a thrill for her to be able to share all this with you..You are a good neice.. enjoy!!

Oh, I love this picture, it is so touching!

My Mum's Mum was a great knitter and sewer and my sister was given her wool basket with all its contents while I received her fabric basket. There is a pair of scissors with her name inscribed on them which don't work very well, but I do have the little pair of sharp scissors of hers which I would be lost without.

Nanna gave a sewing box and fabric for Christmas one year.  I think I was also given a barbie doll with the idea being that I would sew clothes for it but I still have the shirt that I made for myself from the fabric and the holly hobby sewing box. I remember Nanna making loads of little items for fetes and fundraisers. You would see cardboard trays of little knitted dolls and other little crafty items.

Aww Holly Hobby, boy do I remember her. I think I had some little figurine of Holly!

Umm I love the idea of having scissors with your Grandmother's name inscribed on them!
Jen, How wonderful. I really enjoyed your story.. So wonderful to think of our wonderful grandparents..  And I know the scissors are so treasured by you. So proud for you.


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