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I love grandparents! I think grandparents play such an important role shaping who we are! I was very fortunate to have known all four of my grandparents. When thinking about my two grandmothers, they were complete opposites and probably only met each other once, at my parents wedding, but being polite I'm sure they would send Christnas greetings to each other every year.

Marty, my dad's mother preferred to go by her name than grandma, she was a bit highbrow. I never saw her in anything but suits, pearls and heels. We have a picture of Marty and Poppy (grandpa) on a camel in Eygpt dressed up in suits! Seriously!

My other grandparents were very down to earth, struggled through the depression, built their own home for 5 thousand dollars (yep, property and house). My grandmother made all her clothes, knitted, crocheted. To me she was the original renissance woman!

To this day I'm inspired by my past and love who these people were and what gems they passed on to me. Today I feel like I'm having my own renaissance which I believe I'm doing with all of you!

What's your story, who inspired you?

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 My grandmother was such an inspiration to me.. She was  a very kind and loving lady.. She was very poor but even though things were tight..She always shared what she had with her neighbors or anyone in need.  She worked long endless days ,but still found time to make those quilts to warm the beds. and sew for her self and her children.

   I remember going to her house to spent a week during the summer. I was about 10 ys old. I had not brought any church clothes with me ,it was a spur of the moment decision from my parents to let me stay the week. So,  Grandmother told me on Monday... we will just make you a dress. I was so shocked that  you could just make a dress in  that length of time. She and I went through her meager little stash of fabrics. She let me choose, and  believe it or not, she took  an old top of mine and used as a pattern and made me a dress.I sit by her old treddle sewing machine as she sewed away.. I was in awe  of the whole sewing bit.. I think that was when I first  realized ,I loved sewing.

  The dress  was beautiful and I still remember to this day , how special I felt  ,when I arrived at church with her on that Sunday..

   At the time, I was too young to understand , that she gave to me ..of her meager fabric stash..that I am sure was planned for herself. Fabric and notions were not easy for her to come by.. And I love her  so much for the love and care she showed me and of the love of sewing that she instilled in me. She is and was a very special Grandmother.

what a lovely memory!
Thanks Cathe...

Cathe and Judy I have really enjoyed reading your stories and learning about the special women who meant so much to you.


Cathe, I am imagining Marty and Poppy in their best outfits on a camel!


Judy, what a special memory of your first sewing experience. Your grandmother must have loved you very much.


I will come back to this thread tomorrow with my response! Thank you both for sharing your stories x

Thanks Charolette t.. yes..she was a wonderful lady.I miss her so much.
Charolette, I look forward to hearing about your inspirations! my grandparents were a little eccentic but really interesting!
My maternal grandmother was definitely the greatest influence I ever had. Both my grandmother's were stylish and made their own clothes, but I spent much more time with my maternal grandmother. ;y mother was an only child and I didn't get a sister until I was seven, so my grandmother and I developed a very close bond. She made clothes for herself and she made clothes for me and my sister. She also made hats, made clay sculpures, made lace, tie-dyed and  a lot more. Her endless creativity and curiousity made her constantly try new things.  She died seven years ago and I inherited ALL her sewing things. I haven't made a single thing without using at least thread that I got from her. I miss her madly.
From seeing all the amazing costumes you have made I can only imagine how creative and stylish your grandmothers must have been! So sweet to hear you have your maternal Gma's sewing tools and such and so nice that you can add a little touch of her to all your projects!
Oh How wonderful that you got to recieve her sewing stuff.I know that you cherish that. Nothing like a wonderful grandparent.  Pray I wil be as a grandmother as I had..
Elisa, your grandmother sounds like a really special woman. I am sure you think of her often when you are sewing. How lovely to be able to use her sewing things, what a lovely way to remember her.
My paternal grandmother sewed, knitted, crocheted, smocked, quilted etc etc. I really wish she were here to help me now, I am sure hse is looking down and tutting at my half baked efforts. Judy, your story of your grandmother reminded me of one holiday when my gran came to visit and she made me a wrap skirt one day. I was amazed. No pattern or anything. Of course I now know that was quite simple but I was thrilled.

This is my father with my gran in 1990:

I can't make the photos come out apart from as attachments - not sure why, I am not on my netbook but our upstairs PC..... sorry


Anyway I also am very lucky as my Aunty Peg was, and is, a great inspiration to me. She married during WW2 aged 19 and came from an age of make do and mend. She does not sew but knitted and embroidered and now she no longer knits I have all her knitting needles.


She is nearly 90 and is helping me with my sewweekly challenges by listening to my plans and.... this is so cool.... she has found me some handbags and gloves and vintage accessories! I am taking her on holiday at Easter with my daughter. Aunty Peg has looked out lots of old photos to show me of herself in her youth and she is going to tell me all about her clothes as we look at the photos together in the evenings once Mia is in bed. Anyway I will attach a photo of her so you can have a sneak preview!


Thanks Cathe for asking about this, I have really enjoyed the replies and also sharing my own story. x



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