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It's probably no secret that in two weeks, we'll be sewing with red and pinks for a certain romantic holiday. While I like to keep upcoming themes under wraps, I figured it would make sense to make this week's giveaway a tie-in to St. Valentine's day in order to give the winner some extra time to sew.

Up for grabs is three yards of this semi-sheer pink, red and white rose fabric with a 45" selvedge. I don't think the photos do it justice, but here you go.

 image from  image from

How to win the fabric

This giveaway is open to Sewing Circle members. In this thread, post a picture of the pattern(s) you would use this fabric with and you'll be entered! The winner will be randomly chosen from that thread. Please, only post one reply (though you can post multiple patterns in that reply). Keep in mind that you have 3 yards at 45" to work with!


The deadline to enter is Friday, February 4th - 11:59pm Pacific time. At that point, the thread will be closed and the winner will be announced on Monday.


Good luck!


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I have used 2586 - it is a lovely pattern.  I would love to see what you make with it.
I would love to make this dress finally.
I would LOVE to make the floaty crossover dress pictured in  blue in the centre of this pattern.  I'd make a shorter knee length version though, as the pattern takes just over 3 yards as it is.

I have been looking for the perfect fabric to make view B of Vogue 8380. The white one. I love the flow of it.

how about a lovely french knickers and camisole set, a little bit of allure!!  also a camisole slip dress would look very pretty. xxx
This fabric is so dreamy! If am lucky to be the winner I would love to make this dress from vintage Vogue No. 9063!! Oh my I just close my eyes and I can see it!!! Thanks!
Wow that's a really spectacular pattern!!!
Congratulations to Amy Z! She was the randomly chosen comment selected to win the Valentine's Day fabric. Thanks to everyone for entering and keep an eye out for next week's contest!
Oh, I think I've come a bit late to the party... but this is The Dress I Would Make. View A, with a white collar and gloves. Accessorize with some amazing pink cluster earrings I've recently acquired and get some shoes dyed to match.


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