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Hey everyone, I am a bit stumped re the spanish Harlem challenge - does any one have any suggestions for visual references?


I am thinking ruffles and roses, and Freida Kahlo - she's cool - gypsy blouses - love them - That's all I got!


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But, but, ridiculously attractive Swedes are part of the appeal, no?
I had a peek too - I remember this song. My sister used to be a huge fan of this band.

Awesome!  Thanks for all the tips and ideas you wonderful girls - I've got a vague idea of what to do for this one now!  :-)

My problem is that I can picture what I have to do - I just have no idea how I'm going to interpret it for myself.  And I can't watch that Santana video one more time. lol It reminds me of being a teenager, working retail, where they played that cd alllll day long.  


I'm going to go sift through my pattern collection to see if I can be inspired. 

I think that I am going to live through all of you for this challange. I am so far behind on my "challange" sewing as I have been sewing my daughters fall wardrobe and just now getting my sewing mojo back after a VERY VERY hot summer here in Houston. I hope that I don't get put in sew weekly jail for this one. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Happy sewing...

Hi Casandra,

 No Jail time .. I think getting daughters fall clothes the most important.. Just proud you got your sewing mojo back again..

  I live in Ms, and have been hearing about all the heat ,lack of rain, and forest fires there in TX.. I am so sorry for you.. Hope cooler weather and  rain comes for you all soon.

  Look forward to seeing what you make..when you finish your daughters wardrobe.. I too have been sewing for my grandkids.. fun, isnt it? Happy sewing.


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