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Hey everyone, I am a bit stumped re the spanish Harlem challenge - does any one have any suggestions for visual references?


I am thinking ruffles and roses, and Freida Kahlo - she's cool - gypsy blouses - love them - That's all I got!


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Haha! Good question.

No pink for me I'm sure.

Perhaps somethink with a spot or two of pink....

I'm with Charlotte and Cathe on this - The vague title is great because it allows for wriggle room in the interpretation. Basically - what do you think of when you hear this title. It's pretty cool seeing what people from all over the world come up with.

Above all it is meant to be fun and encouraging and if you are getting stressed over a theme or an item, put it aside and think about it later.

You know the issue is - that the Aus and NZ are a long way away from Spain/Latin America, and although we had spanish on Sesame Street in the 70's - then in NZ I think they replaced it with Maori (our indigeneous people's language) I have very little to reference to - but I will Google Rita Moreno - thanks!

Aus and NZ would be perfection for a Spanish  Harlem Challenge. It makes me think of hot summers and dancing though I don't think you guys are quite that warm yet.



Maybe we should request a Maori challenge!
Mmm ! That would be interesting!
Jen..I love your postitive agree with you..Have fun with it!!! Great Advice.
Welcome Samantha.. proud to have you.. We have lots of fun ...Happy sewing.
I was just thinking of the song 'There is a rose in Spanish Harlem' - I could take this to mean that anything with roses on it will work for this theme :-)
oooh ooh great plan Jen, I am so nicking that!

I like Jens idea too.. yea.. are nicking it.. I are liking it? am I correct on that one??

I think she's stealing it. THIEF!! No really, I just like being an instigator.  Who mentioned accessories because that might be my plan.  But I'm also considering a top.  Choices, choices.


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