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Hey everyone, I am a bit stumped re the spanish Harlem challenge - does any one have any suggestions for visual references?


I am thinking ruffles and roses, and Freida Kahlo - she's cool - gypsy blouses - love them - That's all I got!


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 I have lost it???????????/ I assume... lost your mind????????/hahahhahaha.. remember, you said it , I didnt.ha



Hey Charolette... Butt a stump means --"mind your own buisness."  .... Gotcha on that one, didnt I? lol


 I think tickled pink is  just plain color pink..????

Okay, you actually got me on that one too!

Charlotte LOL - you always crack me up!


As a newb, will you ladies entertain a silly question? Is this how the challenges usually go? A vague title that I'll hope to figure out before the week comes and I get clarification?

We like newbs, and old friends too... if you don't ask you won't know! Ask away ;0)


We used to find out the challenge a couple of days in advance so I love the new system (where we find out in advance!), usually they are pretty much what they say they are, there have been a couple of previous colour challenges so that week should just be make something pink. If you are not sure what the challenge is someone will always help if you ask. Also, we are a pretty relaxed bunch in the sewing circle, we don't mind if you post late, you can interpret the challenge however you like, you can ask, or you can post an off-challenge sewing item, we like to see them all ;0)


Welcome, Samantha, hope you have fun with us x

Okay, cool. I can do that. Although, my participation will be limited as I'm pregnant and a wee bit chintzy on which of my fabrics I want to use for a garment I'll only wear until January.


Like the absolutely perfect for the Tickled Pink Challenge five yards of  seersucker stripe I'm sitting on.

Plus, let's be honest we love to laugh and riff on an idea so the more questions and comments the merrier!

If you sew every challenge you get goddess status! So do what you can, when you can and how it best works for you! Aim for fun!
I am a goddess in my own right . . . and own fantasy land.  This is what I will tell myself instead of even bothering to attempt every challenge. ha!
Certainly, yes you are!

Oh my thanks for reminding me - I have a tonne of pink seersucker too!  - How funny, do you think we'll ever wear it?


I have a pretty full skirted vintage pattern pegged for the seersucker. I'm also hoarding some white buttons with pink and green circles and some green striped spaghetti bias.


Some day I shall create this amaziness. Then I will wear it, sleep in it, hug it, and call it George. We shall be the best of friends and I will feel quite accomplished.


Sadly, I have many fabrics and patterns in my stash with a similar story. I'm hoping the challenges will force me to turn them out.

That pink seersucker and pattern idea , sounds amazing.. Love it already.. I too, have lots of those fabrics/ideas/ dreams sitting in my sewing room..JUST waiting for that right day.ha

  Proud you joinded us..  Cant wait to see what you show us.. [As  Charolette T. said, doesnt matter if its  the actual challenge or not..we love it all] Have fun and happy sewing.


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