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Hey everyone, I am a bit stumped re the spanish Harlem challenge - does any one have any suggestions for visual references?


I am thinking ruffles and roses, and Freida Kahlo - she's cool - gypsy blouses - love them - That's all I got!


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Yep, I hear ya Trish.  I'm scratching my head about this one a bit too!  :-/  Very glad we have a couple of weeks to think about it!
For me, the absolute icon of Spanish Harlem is the wonderful Rita Moreno. Try a Google Image search on her name - I guarantee you'll be blown away by her fabulousness! She had a particular take on the '50s bombshell look that's quite inspiring.

Spanish Harlem is such a wide category that encompasses a variety of eras. I guess the first would be Puerto Rican culture starting in the 1950's.  Seems a wee bit of a challenge for October if you're in an area that's cooling down for fall. But it can work. I'm thinking about West Side Story, Carlos Santana videos (particularly Maria, Maria and Smooth), that horrible Dirty Dancing sequel Havana Nights which is Cuban but was filmed in Puerto Rico so similar influences.


Salsa music has quite a few roots in Spanish Harlem as well particularly in the 60's.  Marc Anthony was born there.


And while set in the Dominican Republic, Salma Hayek was in a movie called "In the Time of the Butterflies" that brings spanish harlem to mind for me.


Personally, I'm envisioning red chiffon, probably with polka dots, caribbean embroidery, even denim. Maybe just an early 60's style silk dress with a square neckline, fitted bodice, and a fuller skirt. I'll have to keep thinking.


Thanks for this, I must admit I didn't get it either but I was too frightened to say after the whole tartan / plaid misunderstanding ;0)
me too  Charolette..
You guys crack me up (Charlotte and Judy). I'm still lost, that is from tartan/plaid…my head my explode from this challenge Spanish Harlem…ummm…
I think it's going to be some kind of accessory from me for this challenge ...

Hey Cathe...  You are the one with the books to figure things out for us........COme on now... Tell us what  Spanish Harlem is.heehee or as  Charolette T says...tee hee... hahahahhaha .

 Hey Charolett t... can't wait to see what answer we get from Cathe,ha.

I really hope "tickled pink" just means something pink, otherwise I really have lost it! tee hee (that one's for you Judy)


Welcome back Diane x

Zippo here, Spanish Harlem is East Harlem…big help I know.


I think bombshell dress is right on the money per Jessamyn and West Side Story like Samantha suggested…


Certainly pink is pink…right???

I have looked up Rita Moreno on google as Jessamyn suggests so I have an idea what to do now!
Share with the class! Or are you supposed to? lol IDK.


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