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Hey everyone, I am a bit stumped re the spanish Harlem challenge - does any one have any suggestions for visual references?


I am thinking ruffles and roses, and Freida Kahlo - she's cool - gypsy blouses - love them - That's all I got!


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That was me with the accessories ...  and it might involve something a little bit floral ... 

Accessories don't care if  you're five months pregnant and have no waist.  I have a denim jacket I'm making for the Fall Challenge.  If I have enough leftover,  I'll do a "Spanish Harlem" purse. Maybe with red silk lining and those cute little lighter flowers everyone makes on etsy.


A star is born!

Purse sounds a great idea!

Samantha is right, it is such a good idea I want to steal it! I am a tealeaf x


PS A tealeaf is rhyming slang for thief!

steal away :-D Glad I thought of it.
Charolette... I just pulled that one on Kenny too. I told him I wanted to tealeaf his tea.. He looked at me ..and said,"Oh you and your  Uk buddy are at it again ", he then  turned around and  went to watching tv, and ignored me...teehee

tee hee - you are so funny ;0)


Kenny must think we are all crackers!

This ties into what I was thinking...if I can get it to come together. My train of thought: I want to do a '50s dress for this - I have a fabric I was thinking of making into a '50s dress - ooh, I have a chocolate-brown fabric with ROSES on it that I wanted to make into a '50s dress - If that's not a Rose of Spanish Harlem Dress, what is?


Of course, I have a style in mind but no pattern, so we'll see if I actually get around to pattern-drafting AND sewing. Plus it's more of a summer dress and summer's about over. But hey, I can dream!

Oh I like this idea so much!!


Sounds divine, I am going 50's (again!)

And here's some Rita Moreno.


Here's one for you Samantha


The fabulous Lucksmiths describe the weather we had today:


Please ignore the ridicously attractive Swedes in the clip - just listen!


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