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I was recently gifted what can only be described as a "butt load" of fabric (something around eight printer paper boxes full). It came from a household of smokers. The fabric, while largely delightful, smells something fierce like cigarette smoke. Will this smell come out in the wash or do I need to launder them special-like? 

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Depending on the fabric some of the smells may never leave.  My grandma-in-law gave us a blanket that she made which was beautiful, but smelled like nicotine no matter how many times we washed it.  It seems the tarry smell bound itself to the fabric.  No warm washes would remove it.  You may want to try a baking soda + water bath before washing.   That's the only suggestion I can think of, but I'm sure others will have ideas too.

Out of curiosity, which fabrics have you found impossible to rid of the smell? Is it mostly synthetic fibers or does the stink also bond itself to organic fibers like cotton? 

Baking soda, baking soda, baking soda!

Add to the washes, and add to the boxes - and keep changing it every few months!


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