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Is anybody here a member of the Sewretro blog (


I keep seeing posts from other blogs that have been made there and would love to see more of them and to take part myself but whenever I try to go there I get a message from Blogger saying it is for invited participants only.  How do you get invited?




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Tracy.. I'm not sure how you become a member..I joined a long time ago and  just went to it??

so, I guess its changed since then.. sorry ,I couldnt help.. Maybe someone else  knows?? Judy

I'm a member of SewRetro too - you have to contact the site admin to join.  On the left hand tool bar, there's a 'Click Here to Join' link that will bring up an email link.  They responded shortly after I contacted them and grant you access to the posting section.  Good luck!

I just checked it out, if you read down it seems the problem has been fixed.


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