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I have taken the seamless pledge for 2012. You can do this too! Elena Cresci started this on her blog. Basically, I am not going to buy new RTW clothes for all of next year (you can choose how long you want to do this for!). I can make stuff, buy second hand items, ebay, charity shops, vintage etc but I will try super hard to avoid new things.


(Actually I don't think this will be too hard, I think I only bought a handful of items on 2011.)


Have you got any sewing resolutions for 2012?



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I recently decided to do a similar thing. I am fed up with RTW clothing, and the throw away, buy new culture right now. I decided I would sew all my own clothing from now on, and figure out how to make the things I can't. I will probably still purchase socks and undies :) Anyways, it is a neat challenge for me, not only in deciding what to make to build a wardrobe, and then figuring out how to make it, but in re-designing the way I think about clothing in every way. I have made two dresses, two skirts, and two blouses so far... my plan is to donate one corresponding item of my current wardrobe as I make something new, until it is all phased out and all I own are made by me garments.

How cool! That sounds like a really good challenge you have set yourself Rachel. Just wondering how everyone else is getting on..... I still have not bought any clothes and we are well into April ;0)

Oh fabulous! You are doing great. Fabric and patterns are guilt free ;0) and you absolutely must have shoes.......

I'm still doing well.  I bought one item of clothing which was not possible for me to make (currently) - a technical cycling shirt that was serged together.  But, other from that, I haven't bought any clothing or even accessories this year.


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