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I have taken the seamless pledge for 2012. You can do this too! Elena Cresci started this on her blog. Basically, I am not going to buy new RTW clothes for all of next year (you can choose how long you want to do this for!). I can make stuff, buy second hand items, ebay, charity shops, vintage etc but I will try super hard to avoid new things.


(Actually I don't think this will be too hard, I think I only bought a handful of items on 2011.)


Have you got any sewing resolutions for 2012?



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MORE thoughtful about the interior of the garment? Yours are already something I aspire to! Amazing.


I so agree about where a purchase comes from. You are a very thoughtful seamstress. Sounds like you will do some lovely things in 2012.....

I got a bit excited at seeing the Pledge mentioned and forgot to say what my resolutions are! Obviously the Pledge is a big part of it - in terms of sewing, I don't want to promise myself "I will do this much" because my course is set to start going completely and utterly MENTAL come January. I've barely had time for sewing this term, so I dread to think what'll happen next term.

Saying this, I think it'll be worth me trying to put an hour or even just half an hour aside each day just to sew. Could be an interesting project, no? My other resolution has to do with the blog itself - I want to take the community even further somehow, but I haven't quite figured out how just yet... 

Obviously I am really on board with the pledge, that's what started the thread in the first place... good luck with finding time to sew, that will be a challenge on its own!

My Sewing Resolution for 2012

 My main goal for 2012 would be to learn to  grade vintage patterns , and to learn to fit my garments

better. I also, want to work at doing better sewing.. I would love for the insides of my garments to

show a great improvement..[I must say,, Cathe has instilled that in me---- Her garments are just

beautiful and when she shows pictures of the insides, they look like you could wear them insides out!!]

That is a goal, I would love to fullfill.

   I would like to learn some new the different finishing seams.

I look forward to the 2012 challenges with Sew weekly... And will do the ones ,that I can.  but mostly,

I look forward to out continuing friendships and the many new ones , that will be born.  Happy Sewing 2012.

I like the idea of a good fit, and I am very excited to see how you get on grading patterns!


We will expect a photo of the inside of everything you sew now to see how you are getting on with your seam finishes and general tidiness ;0)


As usual you remind us what is important Judy - best wishes for continued friendship in 2012 and above all let's have fun sewing! xx

Oh Charolette................... Now surley ,my buddy would not expect me to show the insides of my garments.hahahahahah..[I think Miss Teacher Charolete, would probably have to give me an F..EEECK!!! ] 

                BUT............if I make something that looks great on the inside.. I am gonna try it on inside out

and post that picture......."just for you" lol

I so hope you make something that looks great on the inside soon then - just so I can see you with your clothes on insideout - that will be hilarious ;0)

Trousers is a popular one! Have you seend Sewaholic's Minhoru jacket pattern? Very nice indeed.


Good luck with your goals Chloe, I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out

I really like the idea of not buying any RTW in 2012. Only...I am not making socks or even attemping a bra! 34F...not gonna even try it! I would also like to actually go back and line most of the things that I have made. Made a slip that I love out of stretch lace and stretch charmois...but I want to fix all of the lazy things that I did. Looking forward to what everyone is gonna do too. :)

My sewing resolution is to manage my sewing stash and  list it in a binder by color and yardage. Also to donate the fabric that I do not like anymore. My goal is to use the fabric that I have and not to purchase any new fabric in 2012 unless it is a planned purchase of fabric after I have reviewed my fabric binder.

I also have a goal of entering in sewing challenges. This is the one of the reasons that I joined the sew weekly sewing circle. make 2 French Classic Jacket AKA Chanel jacket. I have made a total of 3 and 2 in one year. I love couture hand sewing.

Another goal that I have is to

Susie Brown

ASG chapter President  Walnut Creek/Eastbay


My sewing goal for 2012 is to try to do as many of the Sew Weekly themed projects as possible, make a dent in my fabric stash/use the patterns I've purchased, and learn to use my serger.  I'd also like to try some upcycling projects.

If I do really well on my sewing goals, I am going to save up for a Royal dress form!  :)

This is quite cool. I don't think I bought many new things last year, so this is so up my alley. I should sign up for this.


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