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I have taken the seamless pledge for 2012. You can do this too! Elena Cresci started this on her blog. Basically, I am not going to buy new RTW clothes for all of next year (you can choose how long you want to do this for!). I can make stuff, buy second hand items, ebay, charity shops, vintage etc but I will try super hard to avoid new things.


(Actually I don't think this will be too hard, I think I only bought a handful of items on 2011.)


Have you got any sewing resolutions for 2012?



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we can't get away with anything around here..........

I think this pledge is great! I always resolve to sew more every year and always have done more than the year before! This year I too will try to not buy any RTW for myself and will try to make more for my daughter as well! I would also like to resolve to sew more for my boys! You are all my witnesses so you can all hold me accountable! Happy New Year everyone!!!!

You are very talented Lucha so I don't think you will have any problem with this! Best wishes for 2012 - can't wait to see what you sew x

Sewsolutions are really difficult. Last year I said i'd make 10 garments. Not including UFO's I have made 25, I think I need a more challenging task this year. However I don't think my self restraint is good enough to say I won't buy any clothes or to say I will stop buying fabric dead. 

I wish I could but its not realistic.

I need to think on what I would like to set as my goals but one of them is going to be making a trouser pattern I can make over and over that I know fits me nicely.

25 is slightly more than 10! That's so cool. This year I bought some jeans, a top that was basically a sorbetto (I realised after, and was very cross with myself) and cost £35, and that's about it. There may be something else I have forgotten - a suit maybe for work. That's what makes me think I can do this.


There's not way I could not buy fabric though! The other thing I am thinking about is patterns, I have loads. But I don't want to say no to patterns because Colette will have some more out in the spring I understand.... couldn't miss that....


A trouser pattern is a good one to think about.

well 'm already with the seamless pledge (it's been my goal for most of this year really)

I want to avoid second hand and charityshops too, I aim to have less but more in the sense of quality and the fact that I like it and want to wear it.

Being practicle is high on my agenda (as ever, so boring) so I want more clothes for out doors stuff, walking camping yoga ect

Also I don't want to forget I'm special and to look after myself so that a nice pretty dress is good for te soul!

So with all that I love the blogging scene and will join in with all sorts of events if it fits in with my agenda, I feel this is such good support and FUN!!

You should totally go for a Minoru Jacket from Sewholic Charlotte! I imagine it would look awesome on you and it looks like a fabulous versatile jacket for outdoors! x

I was looking at the other day, it is very cool. It also will push me out of the 'easy' range !

That jacket would be just right for you Charlotte - good call Stevie


Lots of good ideas there Charlotte, practical and pretty, I like it! xx

As if I'm only just getting round to seeing this! 

*waves* Lovely to see loads of you on board for the pledge :D I'm having a whale of a time with the pledge, and it's nice to hear people are already doing it in some way. It's so much easier than I thought it'd be!

Totally agree on the underwear front - that's the only thing I'm still buying new, but I'm still trying to go for classier underwear joints rather than just Primark ;) 

Primark do pants? Wow. I'm afraid I have a weird aversion to Primark, just the thought of it is making me itchy. I get my underwear from Bravissimo, being a well endowed kind of person ;0)


Glad you found your way here Elena x

Charlotte, this is a really good question and worth putting thought too. I love seeing everyone's plans, all unique to each person's lifestyle.

At the very least I would like to slow down and sew in a more complete manner, making muslins and being more thoughtful about the interior of the garment. I also will not push beyond a garment a month, at best two and be reasonable about what I'm making and how it fits with my lifestyle.

I know I will buy a few RTW garments but always consider consignment first and only buy when there is a need, not in excess. So if something comes in, something needs to go out. I will also be thoughtful about where I purchase clothes and what country it comes from. I think it is important to understand the impact of a purchase on the environment, country and individual lives.


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