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I have taken the seamless pledge for 2012. You can do this too! Elena Cresci started this on her blog. Basically, I am not going to buy new RTW clothes for all of next year (you can choose how long you want to do this for!). I can make stuff, buy second hand items, ebay, charity shops, vintage etc but I will try super hard to avoid new things.


(Actually I don't think this will be too hard, I think I only bought a handful of items on 2011.)


Have you got any sewing resolutions for 2012?



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I think that my resolution with regards to sewing will be to incorporate more practicality into my sewing. Make every day usable things, rather than fun dresses, which when all is said and done, I rarely wear (our unseasonably cold spring hasn't helped). I am sure it is still possible to work within the challenges and to make things that I will actually wear regularly.

A big part of this will be to take a little more care in the fit and feel of a garment, and to learn more techniques.

Very thoughtful and so true Jen - taking care, buying quality materials and making something you love sounds great. Practicality sounds great too, my usual modus operandi is just to buy the nicest fabric and go for it. Then of course the results match nothing I already have! More thought required...

PS Did you love Snuff? I certainly did, good old Vimes.

I did love Snuff - and am rereading it now. Hanging out for the next book whatever it might be and trying to work out how to get to the next Convention which will be in Adelaide in July 2012. No main attraction in the shape of P.Terry, but still a like-minded bunch of idiots getting together for fun.

I have reread it too - I don't get all the jokes the first time. I so want to join you in July! Maybe one day.....


Did you ever see the quilt a lovely lady organised for TP? I just love this:



I hadn't seen the quilt! How fabulous it is. I just give him hand-turned pens when ever I've seen him (first lot made by my Dad, next one made by Me).

If you can't make it to Adelaide in 2012, maybe try for Melbourne in 2013 - that's the next big one over here. 

Hand turned pens? How clever you are (and your Dad). Lucky TP - what a nice present.


Melboune 2013.... soooo tempting x

what in the world is BUGGRIT??????????????///

Charlotte? this one's all yours! LOL

Thanks Jen  ;0P


Lovely Judy it's a word Terry Pratchett made up for one of his characters in his series of Discworld novels. Jen and I both being fans of these novels, I thought she'd like the reference! x

Oh I did! I did!


Jen... you left this one up to Charolette, didnt you.. You 2 naughty girls...didnt know, I  was watching and reading.hahahhaha


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