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I have taken the seamless pledge for 2012. You can do this too! Elena Cresci started this on her blog. Basically, I am not going to buy new RTW clothes for all of next year (you can choose how long you want to do this for!). I can make stuff, buy second hand items, ebay, charity shops, vintage etc but I will try super hard to avoid new things.


(Actually I don't think this will be too hard, I think I only bought a handful of items on 2011.)


Have you got any sewing resolutions for 2012?



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Cool, I'll definitely do that too! I've already been into this kind of thing since this summer - no buying new stuff (except underwear, it's still cheaper to buy a bra my size on sale than it is to buy all things needed to make one myself). I've spent six months now filling my wardrobe with the clothes I make and the things I get at my clothes swapping days with friends and neighbors. Those are the best thing ever! (Basically: me or a friend invite a bunch of ladies over, everyone brings a bag of clothes they no longer wear, we have some coffee or a glass of wine while everyone looks through the stuff, and then everyone gets to take home the clothes they like. If there are any leftovers we give it to charity or the local women's shelters or such.)

Umm.... resolutions, yes? I can't stay on subject, ever. Mine are mostly to get better and faster... and to make garments that look good on both outside and inside. A bit more high fashion, a little less H&M.

Hello Ewa, I forgot to say I will still be buying bras. I have no idea how to make one..... I like your clothes swapping party, we do that too and call it swishing. We also take costume jewellry, bags etc too though which is good because my friends are thinner than me and I can still swap ;0)


Better and faster.... good luck with that! I'm with you on the quality too

'Swishing'..   I love you Charolette... [when I first read this..I thought you said fishing.. and I thought, well a good name.. fishing.hahahha].  This sounds like sooooooo much fun, I sure wish I lived close to you girls.. We have no fun stuff here.  I love the adding in the costume jewlry, fun!!!!

As a matter of fact.. There are not many garment sewers around anymore.. And  not a lot of dress wearers either., here where I live.. I love,love dresses and feel , I am in the wrong


ps ..nope ...I dont make underclothes...and I DONT want toooo.ha..[much easier to buy!]ha

Fishing is an even better name Judy! It is very fun, and we all go home happy with new things (and a little drunk and worn out from chatting!). Wish you could join us! Like Ewa leftovers go to charity. I didn't think many people wore dresses here either but when we went out last night (for my mum group's Christmas meal) we all did. People don't wear them much in the day, which is a shame.

None of my friends sew garments either, apart from the people I met at my sewing class, who all do - obviously! xx

Haha, fishing, yes! About the wearing of dresses, Sweden is pretty much the same. I do all the time though, so usually those swapping/swishing/fishing expeditions are great for me cause everyone else gives away dresses they buy but never use! The downside about not buying expensive rtw is that it's almost impossible to find well fitting jeans, no matter how many I try. The few I own that do look great are second hand bought Versace and D&G ones from five-six years ago... But these days second hand shopping is so popular it's really hard to find the good stuff there as well. Sewing trousers are getting easier each time though, so maybe soon I'll dare to make a pair of real jeans. Would be nice to have a pair that could make me feel pretty without stopping me from breathing...

I like this, kind of doing it allready (exept for underwear) It makes me think twice if I really like something, I'm not much of a shopper anway but now I dont need to settle for something that isn't exactly what I want. Another sewing resolution of mine is work out a good fitting basic blouse pattern with different sleeves and collars and to organize my patterns. I mostly copy them out of magazines so they are not the best quality, how do you store your pattern?

Patterns is a good one I am trying to buy less patterns as I have more than I'll ever make. They are in a couple of drawers, no special way of keeping them I'm afraid, some of the ladies on here have really good systems but not me!

Cool!  I'm pretty much already doing this too!  In 2011, I knitted several jumpers, hats, vests,  scarves, etc. Then I sewed several new skirts, PJ pants, and a new dress.  I recently acquired patterns for some trousers (Clover from Colette) so I'm on my way to going "seamless" in 2012!  It sounds like a fun challenge.  Thanks for sharing the link!

In addition, my sewing resolutions (more like goals) include:

* making a pair of trousers that fit... both my waist and hips without any giant gaps at the waist or funny crotch/inseam issues, in fabric I'll actually wear

* make a jacket w/lining or a coat w/lining (again in fabric that I'll wear)

* make a quilt for the bed

* drape something and create it from scratch (patternless!)

Like the trousers goal Adriana, sounds good, I'll look forward to hearing how you get on. I love Colette patterns too.


I am doing a bit more knitting at the moment, several jumpers sounds like alot of work. My knitting ambition is socks!

Socks are kind of tough for me because their gauge is so small and fine... I tend to do garments.  I tried knitting socks again this year, but have made it only as far as the toe, and that's knitting two at a time! :D

The Seamless pledge is great- ive signed up too despite already doing it without a name! My resolution this year is to try and sew only from my stash or donated/secondhand fabrics- not sure how succesful this will be and definitely more difficult than not buying clothes.

I must admit although buying clothes is easy I do get a bit cross paying out for a simple a-line skirt etc that is not difficult to make or something I know should be better. I agree I've sort of been doing it without actually thinking about it too! I will look forward to seeing how you get on x


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