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Being involved in Sew Weekly the last few months has really help get my sewing mojo back! I'm inspired to make a list of goals for next year, I would love to hear some of your goals. Here's mine (it will be interesting to review them in 12 months time) 1. I have signed up for a bra sew along at Cloth Habit blog 2: I have booked in for a pattern alteration class at my Bernina shop. 3. I shall continue my quest for a perfect pants fit. 4. I would like to attempt some tailoring 5. Make a pair of jeans 6. A couture dress 7. Master my overlocker 8. Sew With A Plan (SWAP )an autumn wardrobe and of course keep up with Sew Weekly. It's a rather ambitious list so much sewing so little time!

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My Sewing goals for 2013 are to participate 26 out of the 52 weeks of the Sew Weekly Challenges.  I want to purchase a serger and start sewing with knits.  Lastly I would like to make a quilt, a pair of pants and a coat .

Good luck with your goals Aiesha, I have sewn knits on my sewing machine for years, and now I'm finding it tricky to sew on my overlocker, i will keep on practising and maybe take some lessons next year. Happy Christmas


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