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The Bucket List is a film starring Jack  Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. In it:  "The main plot follows two terminally men (portrayed by Nicholson and Freeman) on their road trip with a wish list of things to do before they kick the bucket." (Wikipedia) Lots of people, ill or not, have been making their own Bucket Lists.


I have also been reading Meg the Grand's blog, she is such an inspiration, and I loved this post. Basically, she is encouraging us to make our lives zesty and interesting by trying new things, even is a small way, and setting goals.


As some of you know, it is a big birthday for me this week. So for the occasion I would like to put together my own Sewing Bucket List - a list of stuff I would like to try, not ridiculous unachievable nonsense (e.g. win Project Runway) but small sewing firsts, little victories and challenges to make life fun.


Please can I have your ideas? I'd love to make a Sewing Bucket List (EVEN IF I have already done the, I can tick them off straight away then!)....


Here are a couple of ideas to get the ball rolling;


Insert an invisible zipper

Make a pair of pants

Make my own bias binding

Sew a machine buttonhole

Make something with jersey......


OK, what do you think I should add?



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Happy birthday ....

How about sew the vintage pattern from Debi...
that's definitely on my list Rachel!


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