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The Bucket List is a film starring Jack  Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. In it:  "The main plot follows two terminally men (portrayed by Nicholson and Freeman) on their road trip with a wish list of things to do before they kick the bucket." (Wikipedia) Lots of people, ill or not, have been making their own Bucket Lists.


I have also been reading Meg the Grand's blog, she is such an inspiration, and I loved this post. Basically, she is encouraging us to make our lives zesty and interesting by trying new things, even is a small way, and setting goals.


As some of you know, it is a big birthday for me this week. So for the occasion I would like to put together my own Sewing Bucket List - a list of stuff I would like to try, not ridiculous unachievable nonsense (e.g. win Project Runway) but small sewing firsts, little victories and challenges to make life fun.


Please can I have your ideas? I'd love to make a Sewing Bucket List (EVEN IF I have already done the, I can tick them off straight away then!)....


Here are a couple of ideas to get the ball rolling;


Insert an invisible zipper

Make a pair of pants

Make my own bias binding

Sew a machine buttonhole

Make something with jersey......


OK, what do you think I should add?



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In my case I would like to tackle my serger…it's in the shop but I think maybe I should have been sent to the shop…we clearly don't get along!

1. use serger with confidence

2. make a fully lined garment

3. make a(somewhat structured) jacket (that actually fits my funky body)

4. draft a skirt and shirt off of an existing garment



This is a great idea, Bucket List (and I loved the movie)!

I hope you feel good about the big birthday. I remember turning (umm that age) and feeling a little sad but I can promise you it was the best, you just feel really good about who you are and you really know yourself! Now wind forward 10 years and you have me…oh that was something until I concluded it was an exclusive club that you had to earn the right to join. It's all good, just embrace it and have fun!

Happy Birthday to you my sewing friend! Celebrate and just love the moment, it really is great!




I especially like number 3 on your list Cathe, it is a bit of a way off for me yet .... and number 4 is a fab idea too


What's wrong with your serger? It hasn't caught tension from my sewing machine has it?


Thanks for your good wishes, I had a lovely little party at my house last night and all my best girls came round to celebrate my (ahem) new decade. My birthday is actually on Tues so I am not there yet! I wish you could have joined us last night, it would have been even more fun!


Right, I am off to think about more Sewing Bucket List.... how about - this is a bit ambitious - sewing a Vogue advanced pattern????? Have you done that one?


I think I will aim at Vogue average as my next Vogue milestone ;0)




Hey, we share the same birthday! Awesome. :-) So, which decade are you turning?

I've never had a birthday twin before - ace! Well, today is my last day of being thirty-something..... hope you have a great birthday tomorrow Kat, and your man treats you to something nice ;0)





Easier to say what's right with my serger...nothing. It's always had funky tension issues that I could get under control until recently. I actualy took a "special" class, just me and a teacher to get a handle on the beast. She concluded that it needed some fine tuning. So we are separated for two weeks. Not that I use it that much, but it would be nice if it worked properly, so I could possibly use it.

Ah, your party sounds fun! My moto is to always celebrate a birthday, better then being bummed about it!

I'm not even sure I have done a regular Vogue pattern, I'm a big fan of "easy"...what does that tell you about me!?

The party was ace, we had cocktails and nibbles and did a bit of karaoke (well, singstar on my PS2), I had a "glamorous" dress code so we all wore dresses.... I am very lucky to have lovely friends both in my village and online too - maybe one day we will all be able to share cocktails together ;0)


I like easy too, but I can dream .... maybe advanced one day.....


Hope your serger comes back happy and non-tense.

Cathe.. I really see you making a fantastic jacket.. And it will fit beautifully.. Everything you make is wonderful!!!!!

  Hope your serger comes out of the shop..doing great and becoming REALLY good friends with you.

Maybe we need to name her ,something like...."  Please work",  or 'Be sweet".. Something that will entice her to be the best serger.. Come on Jen and Charolette T.. ..she needs a working - encouraging name.hahahhaha

Thanks Judy, you always say the nicest things!

So calling her "the beast" is probably a bad name for my serger...she's a real wild one!


  I loved that movie..So good.. and fantastic actors. Morgan Freeman actually lives next door to my brother

in law.. How about that?  [Not that I ever see him,.lol].

  I love the bucket list of sewing. I will  add my list later today.. I have my grandaughers visiting I dont

want to stay on the computer a long time..Thankyou for the great topic. I love your  bucket list.. I am motivated..thankyou.

   I so agree with Cathe...[she always says it so graciously... Dont we all just love her}. Happy Birthday.. Hope you have a fantastic one.. Look forward to happy ...good years ahead..

It's great that you are spending some time with your granddaughters Judy, how great, hope you are having loads of fun, I'll look forward to seeing your bucket list ideas later in the week if you get time


Thanks for your lovely wishes too x

Hi Charlotte, glad you had a great birthday and looks like you had a great holiday too...40 isn't too bad...a bit of a defining moment I'll admit, made me think of all the things I wanted to get done.  Managed to change my job, did lots of travel (and still doing!)...etc, etc.  Will try and think of some challenges for you! 

Thanks Diane, glad you had your own (sort of) bucket list and started travelling... yes please if you have sewing ideas for me x



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