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The Bucket List is a film starring Jack  Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. In it:  "The main plot follows two terminally men (portrayed by Nicholson and Freeman) on their road trip with a wish list of things to do before they kick the bucket." (Wikipedia) Lots of people, ill or not, have been making their own Bucket Lists.


I have also been reading Meg the Grand's blog, she is such an inspiration, and I loved this post. Basically, she is encouraging us to make our lives zesty and interesting by trying new things, even is a small way, and setting goals.


As some of you know, it is a big birthday for me this week. So for the occasion I would like to put together my own Sewing Bucket List - a list of stuff I would like to try, not ridiculous unachievable nonsense (e.g. win Project Runway) but small sewing firsts, little victories and challenges to make life fun.


Please can I have your ideas? I'd love to make a Sewing Bucket List (EVEN IF I have already done the, I can tick them off straight away then!)....


Here are a couple of ideas to get the ball rolling;


Insert an invisible zipper

Make a pair of pants

Make my own bias binding

Sew a machine buttonhole

Make something with jersey......


OK, what do you think I should add?



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Hey birthday girls!!!

A good film and inspirational in many ways.

My own list of things to do :

1. make lined trousers nice wool vintage would be a bonus!

2.make a coat, see a trend, more lasting kind od clothes.

3.a really pretty dress, that really did suit me.

4. learn to knit

loads of other stuff I could use that isn'y sewing but I would bore the pants off you!

Hope there was two great birthdays!


Mine are to make a successful blazer

Actually make my Lady Grey coat complete with canvas stitching etc etc

Complete a capsule wardrobe (I'm working on this with the fall palette on Colette)

Use a very expensive fabric. (I'm thinking cashmere or merino wool kinda expensive!)

not sure how well this is going to go, my capsule isn't great so far... Great Idea though Charlotte! Getting us all thinking!


I have a list of general life goals that have shifted over the years, but whenever I revisit them, I usually manage to scratch off a few, which is a great feeling. As far as seeing goes, my longest te goal is to be able to envision something and construct it from scratch. Modest goal, hunh? ;). 

Short term, I would have to put learning how to fit my garments better at the top of my list. My clothes still have that slightly awkward homemade look. I read a great quote by an author the other day (sorry, but his name has completely escaped me for the moment) who said that it takes at least a few years for any artist to close the gap between what they envision and what they can create. I guess I'll just plug along until I close that gap!  

I'd also like to get to the point where I can write "time to sew" at around 3 hours, like Mena et al do. ;)
*sewing. *term.
Damn you iPhone autocorrect!
I love that quote I think its completely true. I'm just getting to that point now. I started sewing at 16 and now I'm 21 and have been through 3 years of formal training. I don't think you truly learn it until your on your own trying things out for yourself and making cloths that you love enough to perceivere with until its done! (Or not as the case is with me!)

Happy birthday girlys, I turned 40 earlier this year and it's great you really know who you are and what you like - finally!  and dont need to worry about what anyone thinks anyway - not that either of you would probably !


Some good goals there.  This post made me think back to my tech days - our assignmnents were:  Polyester blouse (yuck, vile horrible, slippery fabric and why would you bother?)  Linen, A Sheer garment (to learn the about bound and french seams), pleated skirt (I think), we also covered subjects like light apparel which included a bra, swimwear, bodysuits (cos they were all the rage then!), we did menswear and had to do trousers and jackets, and womens tailored wear too, including a Coat and ending up with a leather jacket!!  


I think you should put Coat on your list - I think they are easier than jackets - cos the lining is free hanging.  If you are not too good with buttonholes, find your local tailor who should have a lovely keyhole button machine and pay him to do them for you - will look so professional!


I think you should forget the invisible zip because I think they have been sent to torture us!  I gave up doing them years ago.  You need to buy a special foot - what a pain!  I don't think I ever did one properly.  I would rather be good at doing normal zips.  Or you could pay someone else to put it in for you!


Don't be afraid of jersey - it's quite forgiving.  If you are very scared you could do a mock up in a cheap t shirt fabric to test your pattern and make sure you can do it - I am sure you could!


Can't wait to see you smash those goals!


Thats a great topic, my sewing list would definitly contain making a perfect fitting blouse.
Happy birthday ladies! Enjoy your day!

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!!


Charolette T. ..what a great  topic. I think my sewing bucket list would be:

#1- To  make my garments fit toward  learning to adjust patterns more effeciently

#2- To  one day [not necessarly this year,ha], made my self a  red wool, long coat!!!  [Wow...that

is something, I  have always wanted to accomplish !!!]

#3- Work on the goal of ... redoing my wardrobe with  items that are needed to fill in the gaps of 

fall/winter wardrobe.

#4- Work on improving my overall skills and make the 'Inside look as nice ,As the outside" -- thanks Cathe.

#5-But most of all....Just enjoy sewing  and be able  to say.. Happy sewing to Me.

Judy, there needs to be a 'like' button fot your posts!

-I want to master pleats and tucks- I have a mental block against them

-Fully line a coat and have it stay lined!

-perfect button holes. Hoping my new sewing machine will be more kind to the button holes- the current one is a chewer!

Thankyou are sweet...

Thanks all for your suggestions, and for sharing your sewing goals, I am going to compile my list and steal your best ideas .... I really enjoyed reading them and appreciate your suhhestions, I am rethinking the invisible zipper as I type... xxx


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