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Hello everyone!

I'm going to be tackling bottoms for the first time. Up top, I'm average, so I've never made pattern adjustments for busts or length. I'm really sway-backed, have no hips, and have more than a bit of junk in my trunk :o)


Does anyone know of any good tutorials for making these changes? I've heard of FBA, what what's the fun name for these adjustments?



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Here is a good tutorial for a full (or flat) derriere adjustments. For the hips, I usually draw the curve based on my MMs, and make a muslin to tweak it if need be. The wide part of my hips is really low, so adjustment is always needed!After a while, you just get a good feel for you own adjustments. Also, here is a link for all different sorts of swayback adjustments. Good luck!

hey laeh! i've got the same issue-- all my junk is in the back and not the sides.  i've tried a bunch of adjustments, but in the end what really helped was finding the pattern company that seemed to match my curves best (simplicity).  then i always cut my size (not the finished garment size like i do in tops), and use the ease to tweak it.  bottoms with darts on front & back are your friends, and messing with the side seams first seems to keep the pants sitting as they should.  sunni has a great tutorial on pants fitting:

just scroll down to alterations for pants!

Thank you, ladies! I finally finished my first pair (self-drafted!). I'm ready to try it again.


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