The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle

I'm guessing you love em as you are here, after all sewweekly is one sewalong a week for a year! Or is it?


I love the challenges but I can't keep up. I started actually joining in in February. But I now only do the ones I can manage. Do you think of the challenges as a sewalong?


I have also done actual sewalongs where a blogger gives you instructions and you all do the same pattern. Our own gorgeous Stevie led a really enjoyable one for a Lisette market blouse and I made a Colette ginger skirt with I just love the support, the camaraderie and seeing what others do with the same pattern.


My current sewalongs / challenges are (these fit in with sewweekly very nicely):

sewing through the decades


Colette Fall color challenge


I'd like to join this actual sewalomg but the trousers just won't look good on me:

clover sewalong


And I love the idea of this one but don't think I'll fit it in:

New Vintage Lady Plain Pattern Project


What are you joining in with? Do you like the freedom of challenges or prefer a more structured sewalong? What have you done that you enjoyed the most?


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Good question Charolette..

  I too  love the sew alongs..I think you and I both joined SW sewalong at about the same time. I too tried to do every sew along..And it didnt work.. Now. I do the ones that I like and  have the time for. This alleviates the stress of  rushing through a garment be sure its done.


  I like the structured set of  the sewalongs,that do a little bit at a time. Works really well for me too.

  but...I find myself wanting to join too many and not finishing, and this I dont like,ha.

  I have done:

1- Ginger sewalong-  I loved it.. I have made 3 gingers and expect to use that pattern again.Wonderful.

2- FESA--I am just now joining it, and I am really excited about it, I really like Sarah..She is very nice and

helpful.. And it is perfect timing for the  fall wardrobe needs. I love that it is  doing stuff you need to add to..Great idea.

3- Plain Pattern Project.. I  am working on  a dress for it right now.. [and It will go with both the FESA and this weeks SW challenge.. ] I like this one , because you use the same pattern 3 times and change it up.. Once you muslin it one time..your through.. Love that concept.

  But..most of all,I love the friends I have made while being involved with the SW challenges.

So... I guess , my answer is:  I like them ALL..

As usual you are wise beyond your years young Judy, it's the friends that count....
thankyou Charolette.
Glad to hear I'm not the only one who struggles to keep up! I had intentions to try and keep up a bit better with the weekly challenges, but I just don't seem to be managing it so I'm just going to pick them up when the fit in with what I'm doing. I'm also thinking of doing a few sew-alongs retrospectively (i.e. long after everyone else has finished with them), but I though that might be a good way to get some hints and tips on the projects that I'm planning on working on (by reading along with the posts in the blogs), plus I can do them at my own pace and just sort of use them as a reference. I've bought myself the crepe and ginger patterns, so I'll be looking up the sewalongs for those when I'm ready to start.
Good idea Lindsay, I usually end up behind with the sewalongs anyway and have to play catch up on the posts all in one go (or I get carried away and steam ahead). There was one I missed for rooibos, I may have to go back to it....

I love sewalongs because I'm alone around here when it comes to sewing and I prefer company far more! Then, it's also an opportunity to learn new thechniques and tricks, sharing and support.

And if I don't complete it? Never mind. I will, eventually.

I love the freedom the weekly challenges on The Sew Weekly give you to come up with your own design, and like the structure of directed sewalongs because they help to beat procrastination. But I'm more of a random, fired by inspiration type.

Right now I'm doing Self Stitched September '11 and Fall essentials Sew-along 2011. And the weekly challenges, when there is something on the list or UFO pile that matches the task.

I like the company too Barbara - it's nice to feel part of a group. My "real life" friends don't sew much! I was amazed to find an online community loving the same things as me - isn't the internet great?

Oh, yes it is!!

I sign up to what evers going usually! Then I get stressed and dont do it. This Autumn I've signed up for colette challenge, FESA, Closing the Gaps and Gertie's bombshell dress. The last two are kind of ongoing so i'm not worried about those. But I did want to finish Bombshell dress for a wedding in October. 


I never make it easy for myself! The colette challenge I have planned to make 12 garments! So far I've completed nearly 4.

2 more are cut.

I am also planning to actually make my Lady Grey coat this year. Before Christmas if possible. Plus I planned all new garments for FESA! I think I should just focus on colette and make it work for FESA too.

Its been hard to get into my sewing room too as a friend has been staying and thats the spare room. I got a lot of work to do! 

Wow Stevie, you are doing so well and still a little way to go but what fun.... looking forward to seeing the finished items x


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