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Sewalong Lisette Market Top 20th June 2011. Hope you will join me!!!

Hello lovelies.
I just awoke to the sound of a resounding yes on a sewalong on my blog! This is great news! I had loads of fun sewing this top the first time around and I can't wait to make it up a few times more!

I will get a button sorted in the next week or so but if you'd like to participate I will start up a flickr group and aim to get started on the 20th of June 2011. This should give us plenty of time to get the pattern and fabric ready! 
The Pattern is Simplicity 2211.
Uk ladies can find it at Jaycotts, (They are offering 10% off at the moment!) as well as the Simplicity site for all our overseas readers!

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Hi Stevie

I'm completely new to blogging and wondered if you might be able to sort me out on how I actually get to put a button, complete with link on my blogspot? Any chance you could talk me through it? Hope you can!

Hi Diane, You've totally caught me out. My boyfriend is going to teach me! Thank god I have a IT Manager boyfriend who knows how to do these things!

I don't think its too difficult but when I know how I'll let you know! 

Are you up for the sewalong? I wanted something quick and easy so its good for beginners and advanced alike! Plus its a great addition for anyone doing Me Made June! It should be super quick and effective! 

Just how I like my projects to be!

I like the look of the pattern so yes, count me in! Would be great if you could rustle up some kind of explanation about the 'button'... just haven't a clue what to do ...
I'm in! Great plan Stevie, love it x
Hi again and sorry for bothering - just had a thought and wondered if I didn't explain myself properly. Rather than 'building' a button to put on my blogspot for other people to use, I just want to know how to link to other people's blogs and have a button on my blog to say I'm participating in, say, 'Sew Weekly Challenges' for instance. I'm sure there must be a simple way of doing this but I don't know where to start ...

Normally when you do a sewalong, Some one will give you the HTML code for the button.

What you do on blogspot is go to "Design" and then "add a gadget" then it gives you the option of where to put it and just copy and paste the HTML code in and it should come up as a picture.

Is that the kind of thing you mean?


Hi and thanks Stevie - I went to 'design', then 'add a gadget' then 'add your own'.  I pasted in the html code of the sew weekly button and it said the gadget was broken!  Don't know if anyone else has had this problem ...

I can try and explain it for you (it might be better with pictures but here it goes without)

First find where the site holds the buttons (for Sew Weekly its here)

Then click on the button you like, this takes you to the URL for the button. Copy that URL - for the pink "I'm sewing along" its this -


Then you need to go to your blog and select "Design"

Depending on where you want the Button click on "Add a Gadget"

In the window that pops up under the "Basics" tab select "Picture"

When the next screen pops up select "From the Web" under the image section and paste the URL into the box.


If that is all you want to do then you are done and can click save but if you want the button so that it links to a webpage you will need to add the URL of the webpage to the "link" section of the window

I don't know if that's the right way but that's the way I've done it and it seems to work, give me a shout if you have any problems :)

HA!  DONE IT!  Thanks Kirsty - you're a genius!
Yay! glad to be of help :)
So glad you figured it out. I actually had luck dragging the button to my desktop and doing the same steps in blogger. There was some slight hair pulling at one point so I understand if you felt a bit frustrated!
This sounds like a great idea!  I made the market blouse last week for my weekly challenge, and it is such an easy, fun pattern with lots of options on customizing it.  I added a self-drafted peter pan collar, but i think i want to try other variations too!


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