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I've just received my new top pattern from sewaholic, while I love it, it seems to be a really long top. The finished top (back) measurement is 27 1/2 inches, is it just me, or is it really long. I am a total novice at dresss making and I've only made a few items for the kids and threw together a top late last night. I hope you all say yes it is very long and it means I can just go ahead and use my lovely new fabric which I just bought(it's 1/4 of a yard too short if I don't alter the pattern). Just wanted to know if there are any pit falls I should watch out for shorten a pattern etc.


Sarah x

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Hi Sarah,

 I havent made the sewaholic pattern..but I love it.. If I were you, I would do my own back measurement and if the pattern is longer than what you want  yours to be.. Just make it shorter.. [most patterns have a  line on them for shortening or lengthening them..] Just adjust to your liking .that is what I always do.. I am long waistied , so I almost always have to lengthen my bodices..

  Hope this helps..  Happy Sewing, Judy

Thanks, I am only 5ft 1" so even if I want to tuck it in and for it not too fall out I reckon I could shorten it by about 4".

Glad to hear it quite easy to put together.

I'm the same height as you are and I've made three Pendrell blouses.  I shorten  mine between 3 1/2" and 4".
Seeing your post, you did such a great job on this top! Congrats, it's beautiful!


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