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Hey Guys -- I'm in the process of writing a speech I'm giving in Omaha in a couple of weeks. One portion of it is going to be about The Sew Weekly and I would love it if I could include some quotes from you all about what The Sew Weekly has meant to you. Either post it here or send me an email via the contact form. 



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Hi Mena, I'd be happy for you to quote me if you like. I've haven't actually posted anything for the sew weekly challenge as I am frequently too late, but I am an avid reader and come here regularly to get ideas and inspiration. I love trying to meet the challenges each week, they give me something to focus my energy on and give me the boost I sometimes need to get back into my sewing room. Reading about other contributers creations always gives me great ideas and inspires me to try new things.

I don't have any sewists in my close social circle, so it's hard to find someone to talk to about the exciting tiny details of sewing:  turning a baby hem, inserting a perfect zipper, finding a great estate sale deal, etc .  (My cousin and my brother-in-law are designers, but that's a whole other world from us home sewists...)   It gives me a virtual sewing circle where I can drop in during a coffee break or after my kids go to sleep, because I would never find the time to meet up with a community group.  

It gives me a boost to try new techniques, new shapes, new colours, and new pattern companies that I would never otherwise.

The Sew Weekly crew are always positive, complementary or at least tactful about my efforts!  The Sew Weekly is a friendly space in an online world with too many argumentative idiots.

Hi Mena, for me, it's been an opportunity to drag out my creativity and give myself a much needed change from daily life.  I love mulling over the challenges and thinking about what I want to do.  I've learned so much too - particularly this year when I've been trying to do something about my finishing techniques. 

Best of  all is the support from everyone else in the community.  It's been all important for the 'keeping going'.  The encouragement is amazing.  

The Sew Weekly is a motivation for me to step outside my comfort zone. It pushes me to try harder, to be better at what I do, to be educated by my Sew Weekly peers, and to make dressmaking more than just a hobby. I am more than grateful that the Sew Weekly was born by Mena. She has brought a whole new appeal to creating your own garments, and making it your own; which also teaches us self reliance. Not only has the Sew Weekly brought women across the globe, together, but we are united through this talent we all have in common. We uplift each other and encourage each other to be our very best. I don't get that encouragement from my own close friends. 

Hi Mena, it meant a open door for a world I didn't know exist. A world that makes me smile more often , share word of kindness and advice, a world full of proud , beautiful woman that share the same passion.

For me, the Sew Weekly is a place of inspiration, camaraderie, and education. There are so many ladies on here that make such gorgeous garments it's ridiculous. I aspire to some day be able to create as lovely garments rather than the wadders I seem to be fated to make currently. The community aspect of this site is so uplifting; I have very few friends who have any sort of desire to sew their own clothing so it's really nice to log on and see all the awesome comments people make on each other finished items. And more than once more than one person has answered some ridiculous question I've had about some element of construction. It's really a humbling experience to be part of this community. 

Hi Mena,

Sew Weekly is a source of motivation, inspiration and friendship for me.  It motivates me by all the lovely people displaying all their wonderful projects and it gives me something to aspire to!  It is an inspiration to me because of your weekly challenges!  You keep me sewing and you keep me blogging.  And lastly, but not least, all the friendships I have been enriched with- by visiting your sew weekly website and then by also visiting blogs that your participants author.....and also by learning of get-togethers where we can also meet people with a similar interest in sewing!  It is ALL such a kick!  

Thanks for giving us this resource!

SewWeekly reminds me of the sewing circles my grandmother had back in the day but with a modern twist - digital communications. As big as the world seems, sharing a passion of sewing makes the diversity of the world closely connected. I love the positive vibe that people project with their creativity and find inspiration in it on a weekly sewing basis. Krista-Noelle Finck aka "Rouge"

I basically agree with what everyone has already said. The Sew Weekly has truly become  my haven. I'm the only sewer in my admittedly small social circle, so having this group makes me feel connected to a larger collective of amazing sewists. It's fantastic to have somewhere  to fully geek-out about some new skill or technique. 

The challenges force me to be creative each week, which I think makes me a happier person. I thrive on seeing what everyone else has done, and strive to always do better each time. But even if I'm not entirely content with my work, or worse yet think I've failed completely, this community is so supportive that I never feel too bad about my flaws. It's all the best parts of a family, without all the negative drama!

I could not find the words to express myself, but yours fit perfectly because that is exactly how I feel.

Where will you be speaking at?


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